a cold fish

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - a cold fish

"a cold fish"

someone who is not very friendly and does not show emotion


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - a cold fish

Two students are talking ...

Student 1: What's with the new teacher? She seems so serious and not very friendly. I don't think I've seen her smile.

Student 2:  She seems like a bit of a cold fish, alright.

Student 1:  Maybe she'll warm up after she's been here a little while.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - a cold fish

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Have you heard that Stewart has been transferred to the customer service department?

Colleague 2:  Do you mean the Stewart who never shows any emotion?

Colleague 1:  Yes, than Stewart.

Colleague 2:  Why would the company put such a cold fish in customer service? You'd think someone a little friendlier would be better.

a cold fish - Usage:


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a cold fish - Gerund Form:

Being a cold fish, you shouldn't work in a public service job.

a cold fish - Examples:

1)  ... not that I was aware of anything being said, but Alec was a cold fish. Again, he was a very private man.

2)  ... will drive each other crazy. When one partner calls the other "a cold fish," "boring," "all in the head, no heart, ...

3)  ... characters perceive each other. For example, Daphne thinks of George as a cold fish. As a reader, you think: no, he's not!

4)  ... but generally in the past she's struck me a bit of a cold fish.

5)  Respond to activity. Don't be a cold fish. If someone comments on one of your witty catchphrases, thank them and try ...

6)  ... that he was too ideological, and that he was a cold fish, ill-suited to hand-shaking and baby-kissing.

7)  I've always thought that Declan was a cold fish, and it hasn't taken long for his' personality' to rub off ...

8)  One ex-Hertford College female student remembers: " He was a bit of a cold fish. I don't remember him going to many parties.

9)  I left him as I felt he was basically a cold fish presenting himself as a hot tamale, and this sat very uneasily with me.

10)  ... found it hard to engage with her. She was a bit of a cold fish, in truth.

11)  While the president is famous for a flashing smile, he can be a cold fish as well, and some who meet him interpret his sometimes impersonal manner as arrogance ...

12)  I don't say the wife is a cold fish for a man to stray. Maybe he just needed an excuse.

13)  I hate girls who talk and then act like a cold fish when we get down to it.

14)  Michel is a molecular biologist, a cold fish, and ultimately a freakish social thinker.

15)  But he's a cold fish. No foreplay. No nothing.

16)  I don't get it. I find him as likeable as a cold fish, but there it is.

17)  And she was a cold fish. She walked out onto the court hiding in a hoodie and wearing earphones.

18)  ... on-the-record but not-for attribution have admitted he is a cold fish who doesn't really like people.

19)  ... go tell my sweet little co-worker or whoever she may be, what a cold fish and shrew my wife is.

20)  I would say that he displays a passion that is deeply moving versus a cold fish with no emotion at all.