a fair shake

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - a fair shake

"a fair shake"

an equitable opportunity or treatment


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - a fair shake

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  With the boss's cousin applying for the promotion, do you really think the rest of us will get a fair shake?

Colleague 2:  I would like to believe that the process will rely on assessing our merits rather than our family connections.

Colleague 1:  That may be a little naive but I appreciate your faith in a just system.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - a fair shake

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How is Joe's trial going?

Friend 2:  It seems to be going well. The judge and jury seem to be quite impartial and the details of the case have been kept out of the press so there should be no undue influence due to public opinion.

Friend 1:  So you think that Joe will get a fair shake?

Friend 2:  I believe the trial will be fair.

a fair shake - Usage:


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a fair shake - Gerund Form:

Getting a fair shake, his chances were as good as the rest of the group's.

a fair shake - Examples:

1)  Feminism is about equality for all, about everyone having a fair shake. Casual misogyny is like casual racism, it's part of the problem because ...

2)  ... together and fought for that law, because every one of us deserves a fair shake and a fair chance at achieving our version of the American dream.

3)  ... treat children in general in our society... Children do not automatically get a fair shake in our society, and they should.

4)  ... to show that we can disagree based on philosophy but give you a fair shake

5)  Are we going to collectively stand up and make sure that workers get a fair shake in all of this?

6)  ... undeserving poor -- a segment of our society that simply does not deserve a fair shake.

7)  They don't believe they've got a fair shake. They think the deck is stacked against them.

8)  As for real estate agents, you are more likely to get a fair shake when properly represented by an agent you trust.

9)  ... the advocate's office works tirelessly on their behalf to ensure Mainers get a fair shake from their government.

10)  ... well connected, you can take your case before the court and get a fair shake.

11)  ... or seeing people from the opposite end of the political spectrum receive a fair shake.

12)  ... and for those of you complaining in comments that Apple doesn't get a fair shake here, right the wrong by writing your review.

13)  ... else is going to provide a balanced approach. Ultimately fans just want a fair shake, no different than the team itself.

14)  I'll give RIM a fair shake, but they've got to wow everyone. And I mean WOW.

15)  They really don't, they just want a fair shake and a sense that someone respects them individually and as voting blocks.

16)  ... where groups of people are written off as children without ever having had a fair shake at life, ...

17)  ... ever-growing list of entertaining TV series that were prematurely cancelled before they got their fair shake.

18)  I also feel that you're not giving the style it's fair shake. In fact, I think your argument corners a very limited view of what ...

19)  ... prisoners unhappy with their outcomes -- rather than with whether judges gave them a fair shake, which is all a recusal motion aims to achieve.

20)  Making sure consumers get a fair shake. I led the fight for the Fair Tenant Screening Act.