a hang-up

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - a hang-up

"a hang-up"

a source of mental or emotional difficulty;

an obsession, problem, or concern about something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - a hang-up

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: We are all ready to go with the software update. We have received bids from three different suppliers and have chosen the best bid.

Colleague 2: There is just one problem. The boss has a hang-up with the software vendor that won the bid.

Colleague 1: What's her concern?

Colleague 2: Years ago, she had a very bad experience with a piece of software from the same vendor and now she refuses to ever use their software again.

Colleague 1: Even though the company has evolved and has a proven track record for supplying reliable software?

Colleague 2: What can I say? The boss has a hang-up with that company. We are going to have to choose another vendor.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - a hang-up

A man and a woman are out on a date ...

Man: Here, let me pay for the movie tickets.

Woman: No. I can pay for my own ticket.

Man: I insist. I believe that the socially acceptable standard is for the man to pay.

Woman: This is the twenty-first century. Time to get over your hang-up. I am paying for my own ticket.

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a hang-up - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   232   click for frequency by country

a hang-up - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for a hang-up.

a hang-up - Examples:

1)  The hang-up with the estate was that there were some sensitivities in Carson's life.

2)  If you're a woman, it could also be a hang-up from your high heel habit.

3)  The fourth one, purely from a personal hang-up I've got, is that I don't really like it when people abbreviate ...

4)  ... simpler personal evolution is simply meeting girls in your own peer group, without the hang-up that they must be The One.

5)  Painting's hang-up with representation, truth and photography has long subsided.

6)  The hang-up here might be cost. You will note right away that prices for polarizing microscopes ...

7)  But the Scot believes Villa are not suffering any mental hang-up about their failure to win in front of their own fans. 

8)  If they could only lose their hang-up about homosexuality they may be able to reconnect with the rest of humanity.

9)  ... from the food enhancing drink to working with alcohol to do it yourself-treat for cultural hang-up, depression symptoms, solitude, anxiousness, as well as other uneasy affects.

10)  I think expectations are the main hang-up in relationships and interactions. Sometimes, they are based on assumptions that are not ...

11)  ... the fact remains that in America in particular, there is still such a hang-up about "Commies".

12)  Substitute "clear" for "decisive" if the word generates a semantic hang-up for you that implies "overwhelming". 

13)  It just seems to be Britain that has a hang-up about soldiers on the streets.

14)  If people didn't have a hang-up about caste then why would they mind being asked about it? 

15)  But she shaves religiously, and I think has a real hang-up about other things to do with looks, like needing to look thin, and ...

16)  The hang-up was to obtain everything in one guitar. Now I'm not talking about gimmickry ...

17)  Or was this some type of hang-up the Freudians have been writing books about for ten decades?

18)  Most of the time if there's a hang-up, it's with scheduling. Artists tour in the summer and work on films.

19)  A few weeks ago I made a comment on Facebook about my current grammar hang-up. It got a lot of comments from people agreeing with me!

20)  Why does the Church still have a hang-up with birth control?