(to be) a high-flyer

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - a high-flyer

"(to be) a high-flyer"

someone who has achieved a lot and is determined to continue being successful


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - a high-flyer

A business executive has dropped by for a visit at a company where he worked five years previously ...

Executive 1:  Charles! Wow, we haven't seen you for a long time.

Charles:  I've been really busy. Tell me, how's that young protégé of mine. Is he still with the company?

Executive 1: Frank? Sure. Frank is doing extremely well. In the five short years since you left he has been promoted four times and is a director now.

Charles:  I always knew that Frank was a high-flyer. It's great to hear of his continuing success.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - a high-flyer

Two directors are talking ...

Director 1:  Well, who are we going to promote?

Director 2:  Abigail works really hard and all the work she does is top notch. She has risen through the ranks quite quickly.

Director 1:  And she is the first one in the the office and the last one out and she did bring in three new big clients this year already.

Director 2:  She's a high-flyer alright.

(to be) a high-flyer - Usage:


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(to be) a high-flyer - Gerund Form:

Being a high-flyer, she was consistently successful with her career.

(to be) a high-flyer - Examples:

1)  Previously, it emerges, Khan had been both a student at Princeton and a high-flyer on Wall Street.

2)  ... have to go back to mum and dad. Five years ago I was a high-flyer, thinking of starting a family. Now I'm 36 with collapsing fertility and ...

3)  ... that any woman who works - whether it be as a shop assistant or a high-flyer - can lose their children in a custody wrangle.

4)  But then I'm not a high-flyer. Corporate, political and media women at the high-achieving end of the job ...

5)  McCormack was also a high-flyer, being vicar-general of the Palmerston North (Catholic) diocese and deputy to the ...

6)  ... unsuccessfully and even arranged to have his nasty little mate Alan Howe, once a high-flyer at the Herald Sun, now kept on by News in the most generous welfare ...

7)  She was a high-flyer but became frustrated as she felt she was passed over for promotions ...

8)  ... and indeed Bangladeshi observers are intrigued why such a high-flyer personality like Clinton.

9)  ... the former Communist Party chief in Chongqing, was once seen as a high-flyer tipped for top office. But he has been expelled from the Communist Party, ...

10)  Is it better to have a stay-at-home mum, or a high-flyer? Should parents escape their children on selfish mini-breaks?

11)  Netmums and Saga Magazine found that younger women are likely to be seduced by a high-flyer, with their perfect man typified by the wealthy' Mr Big' character from ...

12)  ... we are 100 per cent happier than before. I'm no longer a high-flyer, but I don't care: the baubles of success were hollow.

13)  Brooks was a high-flyer at News International. At 31, she became News of the World editor and ...

14)  He was never a high-flyer in the classroom -- and left school at 17 with virtually no qualifications and precious little ...

15)  The book tells the story of Adrian, a high-flyer who is retrenched and has difficulty coming to terms with his new reality.

16)  ... on your own, either through your business or investment. Maybe you are a high-flyer and your first employee job landed you a whooping five figures per month salary.

17)  As a high-flyer at Leicestershire Police, he had been head of the local Policing Unit for Beaumont

18)  A sale in any form would mark a sad ending to what was once a high-flyer in the smartphone world. Just a few years ago, RIM was riding high ...

19)  Ironically, though I may have significantly less money than I did as a high-flyer in NYC, I feel more secure and enjoy a better quality of life.

20)  Hope is well known in the industry as a high-flyer, and has been tipped by many to become one of the biggest traders in ...