a put-down

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - a put down

"a put-down"

a humiliating remark;

a cruel and abusive cutting remark


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - a put down

Two friends are joking around together ...

Friend 1:  What do you mean, I'm ugly?

Friend 2:  If my dog were as ugly as you, I'd shave it's butt and teach it to walk backwards.

Friend 1:  Ha ha, that's a great put-down.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - a put down

Some examples of put-downs ...

You grow on people ... so does cancer.

You should do some soul-searching. You might just find one.

You really are as pretty as a picture. I know I'd love to hang you.

Anyone who told you to be yourself couldn't have given you any worse advice.

I can tell that you are lying - your lips are moving.

She's the first in her family born without tail.

a put-down - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   76   click for frequency by country

a put-down - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for a put-down.

a put-down - Examples:

1)  It sounded negative. There was a put-down about it.

2)  Offer the Tao treasures or real virtues by presenting kindness rather than a put-down, or a sign of respect instead of proving someone wrong.

3)  Make sure that you don't take a sarcastic comment from a man as a put-down when it was meant to be funny.

4)  If we can't think of an answer it's up with a put-down of the Greens instead of something productive.

5)  Inflection can turn even " The made a lot of sense " -- into a put-down.

6)  ... , the fashionable thing to denigrate parents, deriding, belittling, everything said as a put-down, the better to be thought "wicked cool."

7)  He has styled himself a 'living legend' provoking a put-down from Rogge, but Bolt said there was little else left for him to do.

8)  This is not a put-down on her. The disorder had only been recognized by the psychology profession in 1988.

9)  If Schofield had ambitions of spending his late career as a hard-hitting interviewer, a put-down from a member of a dynasty of respected presenters and journalists may make him think twice.

10)  Then something happens - I get a put-down or feel alone because my husband will never do things with me.

11)  The acronym 'nimby' is just a slur, a put-down.

12)  I'm sure you didn't intend what you said to come across as a put-down for Sally.

13)  We often perceive disagreement with our ideas as a put-down.

14)  It's almost as if " black ", as a put-down, is just an acceptable prefix, a fall-back pejorative.

15)  The critical response expresses judgment or evaluation that the other person often perceives as a put-down.

16)  Often the men's comments were mocking and intended as a put-down. Young men in cars were particularly aggressive.

17)  It's insubstantial, it's non-intellectual, it's everything. It's a put-down usually from those who are not popular. 

18)  But while most listeners at first find the song to be a put-down to its subject, it's actually more like a wake-up call.

19)  It was meant as a put-down or an insult, and I remember Harold was really annoyed by it too.

20)  You're easily amused, as a put-down, I point out that people who are easily amused have more fun.