a sore point

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - a sore point

"a sore point"

a sensitive subject that will upset, anger or embarrass someone


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - a sore point

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I don't understand why the boss got so upset with me during the staff meeting.

Colleague 2:  You kept talking about the second quarter losses and that is a sore point for the boss. He was so determined to go ahead with that new product even though it had not been fully tested and when it failed miserably, he looked really incompetent. So when you kept bringing up the second quarter, you kept reminding everyone of the boss's failure.

Colleague 1:  I suppose that was embarrassing for him. I will be more careful in the future.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - a sore point

Three friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  You are looking very healthy.

Friend 2:  What a terrible thing to say. You know I have always struggled with my weight. I can't help it if I am overweight. I've tried so many diets and have always failed miserably. Now if you will excuse me, I need to leave.

Friend 1:  What did I say to upset Julia so much?

Friend 3:  Nothing really. It is just that you touched a sore point. Julia has always been overly sensitive about her weight.

a sore point - Usage:


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a sore point - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for a sore point.

a sore point - Examples:

1)  ... spirits bring out the worst in him. Especially when someone's hit a sore point. Noah was slumping lower and lower in his chair, ...

2)  ... if not dropped entirely. The lack of printing capabilities has been a sore point for many iOS device owners.

3)  The midfield was a sore point in 2011 - not physical enough and not enough attacking ability. The left-footed ...

4)  ... production of their own videos - from their earnings. That's long been a sore point among artists, but it's still standard practice. You have to pay ...

5)  ... my husband and I have this discussion quite often and it has been quite a sore point between us so maybe thats why I over reacted over this question.

6)  We can see that this topic has touched a sore point from the extreme reactions it's generated in some Twitter circles.

7)  This is where the name calling hit a sore point.

8)  I recently criticized Processing's lack of object orientation. I seemed to have hit a sore point. The majority of the responses have emotionally defended.

9)  Apparently, this article hit a sore point with many folks as evidenced by the numerous comments in such a short period.

10)  ... as blindsiding and hurtful as this, but once it becomes needless dwelling/picking at a sore point that's the time to give it up and start concentrating on the positives.

11)  The tax is so competitive that it has become a sore point for some European nations, ...

12)  ... or you wish to disregard historical facts period when they rub a sore point.

13)  Medicaid payments are a sore point for providers, since they are lower than the cost of coverage. 

14)  ... a sensitive topic they said has always been a bit of a sore point for him.

15)  His grip on the wheel tightened, and I knew I'd hit a sore point

16)  ... tirades, but I would like to disavow one point since you touched on a sore point. I am not now and have never been a libertarian.

17)  Within the conservative movement, the United Nations has been a sore point. We pay millions of dollars, billions if you count foreign aid, ...

18)  ... personal responsibility to pay for. I do think the abortion pill drugs are a sore point for a lot of people.

19)  Even today, this point remains a sore point and source of some discord within parts of the disabled community.

20)  Just know that there's a high chance this subject can be a sore point for him if he comes from a broken home.