(to be) a tall order

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - a tall order

"(to be) a tall order"

something very difficult to do


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - a tall order

A boss and an employee are talking ...

Boss:  Can you have those surveys processed by tomorrow?

Employee:  That's a pretty tall order.

Boss:  Why is that?

Employee:  I can process about twenty surveys an hour and there are more than six hundred surveys.

Boss:  I'll see about getting you some help.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - a tall order

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Do you think global peace is possible in our lifetimes?

Friend 2:  That's a tall order.

Friend 1:  So you think peace is not possible?

Friend 2:  I think it would be exceedingly difficult.

(to be) a tall order - Usage:


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(to be) a tall order - Gerund Form:

Being a tall order, the expectation of finishing the job by Monday was misguided.

(to be) a tall order - Examples:

1)  Finding a planet with a similar history with a similar lack of primordial atmosphere will be a tall order.

2)  That's a pretty tall order. In fact I don't think it's possible.

3)  It's a tall order, creating a vulnerable predator.

4)  Reviving a long-dead language might sound like a tall order for a church that's already weakened by widespread secularization and the fallout from ...

5)  Simply expecting them to switch to Google Hangouts is a tall order

6)  Following the frenzy created by the first Air Jordan was a tall order.

7)  ... how you will help them make more money and more profit. That's a tall order.

8)  However it is a tall order to expect to win every year.

9)  That's a very tall order and would be an extremely difficult task in any language.

10)  Investing wisely in campus networks is a tall order, especially when the pace of technological change is accelerating and technological expertise is ...

11)  ... people loving Metro as much as they do Apple's iOS. That's a tall order, given Microsoft's failure to woo mobile consumers in the past.

12)  She realizes managing the motel for ten guests will be a tall order for someone her age but she never turns down a challenge and thrives on ...

13)  For one thing, U.S. policy demands Cuba pay up front, a tall order for the cash-strapped government.

14)  But convincing a majority of men to empower women was a tall order.

15)  Newstat described a potential recall as a " tall order " that would probably be a yearlong effort costing $500,000, maybe more.

16)  ... in 2009 to bring safe, affordable basic health services to all residents -- a tall order for a country containing 1.3 billion people.

17)  Just sustaining it over a long period of time and meeting expectations would be a tall order I think.

18)  Running 4 state-wide campaigns in 4 years seems like a tall order

19)  ... well being and the sustainability of the planet. That may seem like a tall order but thankfully I've discovered a food producer who shares my same desire for ...

20)  Netflix has always been the leader in this, but it's a tall order to offer high quality captioning on such a broad range of devices.