a yes-man

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - a yes-man

"a yes-man"

a person who agrees with everything a person in authority says in order to ingratiate themselves;

a sycophant


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - a yes-man

A boss and employee are talking ...

Boss: Do you like my tie?

Employee:  Yes, I do.

Boss:  Is this report that I wrote good?

Employee:  Absolutely.

Boss:  Do you think that I am a good boss?

Employee:  Without a doubt.

Boss:  Would you please stay late and do my work for me?

Employee:  My pleasure.

Boss:  Oh, and on your way to work tomorrow morning, pick up my dry-cleaning.

Employee:  Of course, boss.

Boss:  You are a good little yes-man.

Employee:  Thanks, boss.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - a yes-man

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Have you ever wondered why Janet never gets a promotion?

Colleague 2:  I suppose it has something to do with her always agreeing with her superiors. She is too afraid to put forth her own ideas if they contradict with the boss's. Instead, she just says "yes" to whatever is suggested.

Colleague 1:  That means that, Janet being a yes-man, will never get promoted.

Colleague 2:  It seems likely.

a yes-man - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   110   click for frequency by country

a yes-man - Gerund Form:

Being a yes-man means you never disagree with your boss.

a yes-man - Examples:

1)  ... the odd lively discussion by dissenters could add a lot more than another "yes-man".

2)  ... about a skillful policy toward the U.S. In reality, he was simply a lowly yes-man to Reagan.

3)  ... independent, not wanting to have to tie himself down to being just another " yes-man " in a major party leader's caucus.

4)  ... have toadies and lackeys. But the ultimate extravagance for the evil villain is the yes-man. It is the ultimate accessory for your evil empire.

5)  ... he was able to establish a rapport with them, not the fawning, sycophantic yes-man they were used to, but a working relationship that allowed both the player and ...

6)  To us you are just a puppet, a faceless yes-man, subservient to your masters upon high.

7)  Don't wait for something to happen to you. Be a yes-man. Under promise, over deliver. Get there early. Only leave if the ...

8)  Appointing a 'yes-man' to run the NHS will not bring the change of direction in health policy ...

9)  Chris had watched her sister Amy's poor husband become a lackey yes-man to James Bradshaw.

10)  ... keeping the same team behind him just makes Hughes look like a yes-man who was happy to go along with the chairman's wishes instead of standing up ...

11)  ... was viewed in the Hong Kong journalism community as a yes-man with long experience but no real ability to stand up to the Kuoks.

12)  Politics in Ireland is about being a yes-man and nodding in sync with your party colleagues.

13)  Do you believe in constructive criticism? Or prefer to be the yes-man?

14)  Be assertive, but be careful to become neither a yes-man nor all too aggressive.

15)  Everyone called Dr Ling a yes-man. A weak man.

16)  I had become a "yes-man", subverting my individuality to the occupation and the employer.

17)  ... one day I sat down with myself and decided that I'd be a yes-man to them. I'd never say "No" to whatever they say.

18)  The rest are "yes-man" monkeys. Just take orders.

19)  This shows how valuable you are because you are independent and are not a yes-man, but respectful of the decision and a team player.

20)  CEOs are used to living in a yes-man bubble, so they're usually the last to realize when their company has started ...