ace in the hole

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - ace in the hole

"ace in the hole"

a hidden advantage or resource kept in reserve until needed


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - ace in the hole

Two lawyers are talking ...

Lawyer 1:  You court case is not going very well. It looks like you may lose the case.

Lawyer 2:  But I have a secret advantage.  I have a witness that the opposing counsel does not know about.

Lawyer 1:  Ah.  You have got an ace in the hole.  I should have known.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - ace in the hole

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Your girlfriend sure looks angry.

Friend 2:  We were supposed to get together last night but I didn't arrive. She thinks that I forgot, again.

Friend 1:  But?

Friend 2:  My car broke down on a country road.

Friend 1:  You could have called.

Friend 2:  There was no cell phone reception.

Friend 1:  Nice ace in the hole.

ace in the hole - Usage:


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ace in the hole - Gerund Form:

Having an ace in the hole when entering negotiations is an advantage.

ace in the hole - Examples:

1)  They believe that fiat money is the ultimate ace in the hole. So do Keynesians. So do politicians.

2)  ... economy is totally rigged against the working class. An education is no longer your ace in the hole and staying out of debt is your only hope of beating the ...

3)  The Sabres ace in the hole is Miller and a much improved defense.

4)  They know that their ace in the hole is their independent status.

5)  While it was agonizing to watch and hear those tapes, they were our "ace in the hole" to ensure a swift response from the district and the police.

6)  Michael wouldn't relent. It was time to play their ace in the hole.

7)  That is not our whole secret to victory. We have an ace in the hole: the American fighting man.

8)  Kivistik had gone for the usual academician's ace in the hole: everything is relative, it's all just differing perspectives.

9)  ... scapegoat so he allowed FBI to concoct the findings so that would be his' ace in the hole' to get the hell out of dodge.

10)  I knew then that I was in trouble, but I had an "ace in the hole" -- Friends.

11)  No. You need an ace in the hole

12)  That has really shaped up lately to be Nikon's ace in the hole -- something that they're doing better than anyone else.

13)  ... persons in video content, a patent that can potentially give the search giant an ace in the hole in the arena of face detection.

14)  Granularity is the last ace in the hole that traditional content providers have to draw on and if they never ...

15)  Some experts see the recent push toward online learning as America's ace in the hole.

16)  Roger had no choice... apparently he was not really willing to play that ace in the hole and Lee called his bluff anyway.

17)  ... last backstop of a new currency system. # The Fed has another next-level-up " ace in the hole ", in contrast to regular banks with regular balance sheets.

18)  ... therefore do you save them as your ace in the hole, or use them as a first-strike weapon to weaken enemy defenses ...

19)  An ace in the hole is any argument, plan or thing kept hidden until needed.

20)  Often, the ace in the hole wins the game.