Achilles' heel

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - Achilles' heel

"Achilles' heel"

a person's most particular weakness or the most vulnerable aspect of their character


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - Achilles' heel

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I heard the office is going to become completely computerized.

Colleague 2:  I am in trouble.

Colleague 1:  Why is that?

Colleague 2:  Computers have always been my Achilles' heel. I have never been good with them, don't really understand how they work and never bothered to learn. I excel at all other aspects of the business, just not computers.

Colleague 1:  Guess you had better take a course then.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - Achilles' heel

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Here. Have a delicious chocolate donut.

Friend 2:  Oh no, my Achilles heel! I have been dieting for a couple of weeks now and can avoid the temptation of everything else that is good to eat but chocolate donuts are my absolute favorite.

Friend 1:  One donut. It won't kill you.

Friend 2:  But if I eat that donut, my perfect diet record is ruined. Oh, never mind. I can't resist. Give me the donut, please.

Achilles' heel - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   877   click for frequency by country

Achilles' heel - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for Achilles' heel.

Achilles' heel - Examples:

1)  The argument really arose after pro-choicers began to realize that contraception was the Achilles heel of the anti-choice movement.

2)  ... list of powerful males brought down by some type of extra-marital affair. Always the achilles heel it seems.

3)  ... that we'd like to disguise on our resumes. If it happens that your Achilles heel falls in the education section, be strategic, of course, but not ...

4)  ... even if it harms the USA, so dependent on oil, it's Achilles Heel.

5)  ... security is underminded by our dependence on foreign energy, which is the nation's achilles heel.

6)  While solar resource isn't intermittant in the same sense as wind, its major achilles heel is that it doesn't present at night.

7)  ... to expose those who sell the real thing. Another example of China's Achilles heel -- supply chain integrity. Fake apple stores, tainted pork, ink in ...

8)  ... lot of hangups about aging and getting older. A Lot. It's my Achilles Heel. I don't like a lot of attention focused on me.

9)  His problem is, his Achilles heel, is his record, his broken promises. That's going to catch ...

10)  Fiscal deficit and the national government debt are the Achilles heel of the Philippine economy.

11)  ... consumer activity, social media has been lauded as either the saving grace or the Achilles heel of many organizations.

12)  But in 1935, Einstein thought he'd finally found the Achilles heel of quantum mechanics, something so strange, so counter to all logical views ...

13)  So do you think this cultural ignorance, or this insularity, is the Achilles heel of the American empire? It's one of a couple weaknesses that ...

14)  But despite our surface calm and composure, almost all of us have an Achilles heel in our armour. A weakness that we learn to live with, conquer ...

15)  ... the problems we are already experiencing will surely be magnified. Scientific illiteracy remains our achilles heel and there is no guarantee that it will be overcome.

16)  I confess that technology has always been my Achilles Heel as a teacher. I like the feel of mud beneath my toes, ...

17)  Harshness of judgment and lack of patience of human frailty are my Achilles heel. I am working on it.

18)  They dispense benefits to gain votes, which is the achilles heel to all actual Democracies.

19)  ... this one a proven winner in Communist circles: exploit America's Achilles heel, racial injustice. 

20)  Allowing yourselves to be coopted by other movements has exposed your Achilles heel and will prove to be your death knell.