acid test

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Idiom Definition - acid test

"acid test"

the most crucial or important test of worth


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - acid test

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  So, we have shown that we can entertain clients, get them interested in our deal and even have them take a tour of our production facilities. Now we come to the acid test.

Colleague 2:  Which is?

Colleague 1:  Will they sign the deal. That will be the critical factor in demonstrating that this product is viable.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - acid test

Two sisters are talking ...

Sister 1:  I heard Dad took your new boyfriend fishing for the weekend.

Sister 2:  Yes. Dad's way of ensuring that boyfriends meet his critical standards for dating his daughters.

Sister 1:  And did your new boyfriend pass the acid test?

Sister 2:  The fishing trip must have gone well because Dad has invited my boyfriend over for Sunday dinner this week.

acid test - Usage:


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acid test - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for acid test.

acid test - Examples:

1)  But Revenue Canada turned down that proposal. Apparently it didn't meet the acid test of Revenue Canada.

2)  For electric cars and the like, the acid test is probably going to be energy storage density.

3)  But they know investors are acting irrationally. For them, this IPO is an acid test to see how irrational investors are willing to be to cash in on the ...

4)  ... issue of spammers -- do you think the 100 links/100 external links figure as the acid test for a link worthy/link attainment worthy page for domains with say 100 external links?

5)  The best acid test of our proposition, however, is to manipulate competence and see if this ...

6)  ... next day, the Coke had not soaked in, so my floor passed the acid test.

7)  ... cooking or whatever, no matter how well studied, collides at last with the acid test: can one DO it? And that doing requires practice.

8)  His willingness to put forward genuine proposals is the true acid test of whether he intends to govern as the moderate he portrayed on the campaign.

9)  ... an abstract model for modeling computer operations. The Turing Test is the "acid test" of true artificial intelligence.

10)  ... "scientific consensus" and "peer reviewed publication in recognized journals" even though the acid test in science is neither of those things but upon verification and replication.

11)  The acid test is coming this autumn, when they flight-test the Ares-IX test vehicle.

12)  ... lead instructor since the seminar's inception 12 years ago, the acid test is how many people board that flight.

13)  The acid test about freedom and free markets is when it comes to applying those principles to ...

14)  The acid test however, will come when the nano-world reaches its full potential.

15)  ... but getting them back in year two will be the acid test.

16)  The acid test of how good we are should be how many of our players would start ...

17)  These two questions also act as an effective 'acid test' to use when evaluating a lengthy business plan.

18)  But it must also pass the acid test for the best standards of fact-gathering and journalistic integrity.

19)  ... and as my niece will tell you, the acid test on a model, is can you do it in real-time?

20)  The acid test is no newspaper has attempted to buy his story and that is suspicious.