actions speak louder than words

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - actions speak louder than words

"actions speak louder than words"

the things that people do are far more important than the things they say, in that their actions announce their true intentions far more strongly than just their words


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - actions speak louder than words

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Everyone in the office has listened to you complain for the last year about how bored you are in your current position and how good you would be at something new. What have you done to further your goal?

Colleague 2:  I've talked to management and most of my colleagues and they all agreed that a change would be good for me.

Colleague 1:  But you haven't actually done anything but talk. Actions speak louder than words. Find a mentor. Take a course. Go to a seminar. These are all actions that would help you move forward and also show management that you are serious in your intentions.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - actions speak louder than words

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Your husband sure seems harsh in his opinions of homeless and poor people. He is always talking about how they got to be where they are by the choices they made and that they are all lazy and useless and that they should learn to help themselves.

Friend 2:  That's all bluff and words. He donates over five thousand dollars a year to various homeless charities.

Friend 1:  A true case of actions speaking louder than words.

Friend 2:  Yes. My husband is actually quite soft-hearted.

actions speak louder than words - Usage:


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actions speak louder than words - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for actions speak louder than words.

actions speak louder than words - Examples:

1)  But you have to watch what they do too. Actions speak louder than words -- actions speak the whole truth.

2)  ... first time, because he sounded so sincere. But not again. Actions speak louder than words. Obama has great words, and lousy actions.

3)  I let my play show on the field.... I let my actions speak louder than words.

4)  ... has a strong obligation to be 'socially responsible' and that 'actions speak louder than words.' Indeed. It's time to act.

5)  There is great power in thoughtfully constructed and well-worded writing. "Actions speak louder than words," they say, but what about words that inspire actions?

6)  ... the empty rhetoric he has heard. My belief is that actions speak louder than words.

7)  I also dislike being TOLD I'm sexy, I think actions speak louder than words, don't tell her as much as show her.

8)  ... and grown up you are welcome to tell me about it, though actions speak louder than words.

9)  They saw that actions speak louder than words and they watched Ed's actions.

10)  ... of something, make sure you are not guilty of it yourself. Actions speak louder than words

11)  ... to show and are better at showing than words. Too me, actions speak louder than words. Enjoy his kisses.

12)  And then if he actually works on changing his behavior. Actions speak louder than words.

13)  I followed this issue in the media and was disgusted by her; actions speak louder than words. She also pays only lip service to LGBT people as well.

14)  ... they would actually have them, right? Sometimes, sure. But actions speak louder than words. It can be beneficial to do some on-the-spot skill testing to verify ...

15)  Actions speak louder than words and they tend to carry more weight in such decisions.

16)  ... we're past that stage of the game. Talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words. Get a deal done.

17)  ... takedowns and seizes, artists and consumers are demonstrating through practice, where actions speak louder than words.

18)  In improv as in everything else that matters, actions speak louder than words. I always tell participants: "show me, don't tell."

19)  Did you raise the issue over dinner with your church fellows?  Actions speak louder than words. What actions did you take, in your outrage?

20)  ... not accept actual proofs of such. These assertions are nonsense.  Actions speak louder than words.