affair of the heart

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - affair of the heart

"affair of the heart"

a deep emotional relationship typically without a physical component


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - affair of the heart

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I see that you have been going out for drinks with Angie quite often lately. What's going on there?

Colleague 2:  I'm not sure but we are growing to like each other a great deal.  We may even be falling in love with each other.

Colleague 1:  Have you been intimate with each other?

Colleague 2:  No, we haven't had sex.

Colleague 1:  But you are a married man.  An affair of the heart like that can ruin your marriage.  It is very dangerous.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - affair of the heart

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I really don't understand how you can have so much faith in Jesus Christ.

Friend 2:  It is not about proof or reading the bible. It is all about love and love for Jesus.

Friend 1:  So, it's an affair of the heart for you?

Friend 2:  Exactly.

affair of the heart - Usage:


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affair of the heart - Gerund Form:

Having an affair of the heart is a great way to ruin your marriage.

affair of the heart - Examples:

1)  What you've described sounds like an affair of the heart. If they haven't crossed the line to physical cheating ...

2)  ... faith tested beyond his imagination when a visit to the hospital leads to a clandestine affair of the heart.

3)  However, in an affair of the heart, it pays to reflect and consider before making decisive moves ...

4)  Excuse me, but poetry is an affair of the heart. It is to be read and understood at a glance ...

5)  ... temptation will come along that re-awakens the interest in sex. - Be it an affair of the heart (emotional infidelity) where you fall for someone and you have ...

6)  Researchers the world over are toying with the idea that sex is as much an affair of the heart as love is.

7)  ... though is really true and really good and really beneficial. It's an affair of the heart, something very profound.

8)  The big bomb hit later when I did some research and realized that an affair of the heart is a lot more damaging than a sexual affair.

9)  An affair of the heart; and like all such affairs it drags the mind along ...

10)  ... a notoriously promiscuous journalist who had affairs with both men and women, an affair of the heart begins.

11)  For Janes, nature is an endless, complex seduction, resulting in art that is always an affair of the heart, presented with attraction, enchantment, and acute clarity.

12)  I also recognize that without firm boundaries around your marriage, she is on a slippery slope toward another unintentional affair of the heart.

13)  It barely required decoding to notice the implicit suggestion that international football was a revenue stream, rather than an affair of the heart.

14)  Led Zeppelin wasn't a corporate entity. Led Zeppelin was an affair of the heart. Each of the members was important to the sum total of what we were.

15)  ... but it is a catalogue of those I found special and extreme in coziness, service and that intangible affair of the heart called romance.

16)  The film toyed with the idea of an affair of the heart between Starling and Lecter and ...

17)  An emotional affair is essentially an affair of the heart.

18)  Well Kurt was having an affair of the heart with ME for years being married to Courtney.

19)  Kirstie Alley Reveals She and Patrick Swayze Had an Affair of The Heart While Married to Other People

20)  Worship, at its core, is an affair of the heart, which is to say it is a matter of the inner depths of our being: mind, affections, will, heart, emotions, feelings, desires, passions.