(to be) ahead of your time

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - ahead of your time

"(to be) ahead of your time"

having very modern ideas;

having ideas or attitudes that are too advanced to be acceptable in the present


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - ahead of your time

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  You know, I have got all these new cutting-edge innovative ideas that no one seems to understand. It is frustrating.

Colleague 2:  Perhaps you are just ahead of your time. People are simply not ready for them.

Colleague 1:  What can I do?

Colleague 2:  Keep pushing your ideas. Keep expanding on them and approaching them from different angles. Over time, people will start to see their merits.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - ahead of your time

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  My father retired last week.

Friend 2:  Good for him. He sure worked hard and was always pushing the boundaries of his profession.

Friend 1:  My favorite story was when, in nineteen sixty, he wanted to use a digital computer for biology studies. The idea was unheard of then. He met with a lot of resistance from established biologists that thought it was a waste of time.

Friend 2:  And now it is a normal practice and has provided untold breakthroughs in the field. Your father was a man ahead of his time.

(to be) ahead of your time - Usage:


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(to be) ahead of your time - Gerund Form:

Being ahead of his time, most of his inventions were not utilized until after his death.

(to be) ahead of your time - Examples:

1)  ... pretty innovative and leading edge," he said. " It was way ahead of its time ...

2)  Buddhism stands apart and ahead of its time in granting such status to women.

3)  On issues like economic reform and gun control, Australia was well ahead of its time and we're still seen as a global leader.

4)  ... couldn't succeed as it was way ahead of its time and the consumers weren't quite ready for such a product.

5)  Then again, I see Scorpio as Microsoft's way of kick-starting the next-generation ahead of its time, they did it with the original Xbox.

6)  ... 1960s, that change has been slow and remains incomplete. Butt was a man ahead of his time by half a century and counting.

7)  This is the story of a man ahead of his time, bravely standing up against a world virulently against his right to ...

8)  ... claim he is actually a visionary. Apparently he was way ahead of his time in terms of data analysis and diet.

9)  ... published in 1973 -- more than four decades ago -- you can see how far ahead of his time he was.

10)  He was so forward thinking, so ahead of his time as a humanitarian. 

11)  ... we first met Virginia, it was 1956 and she had a very modern, ahead of her time way of approaching sex and her own sexuality.

12)  I hesitate to use the word eccentric, but she was quite ahead of her time.

13)  ... for her innovation, her passion for farming and passion for change. She was ahead of her time.

14)  ... was ahead of her time, no question about it. Her pioneering efforts covered much more ...

15)  She was an 'inventor', not an 'interpreter', always way ahead of her time.

16)  ... microcars - we visit a unique museum dedicated to them to see why they were ahead of their time.

17)  ... so ahead of their time, that they become the template for a certain kind of movie ...

18)  ... bringing the club into the 21st century with new methods, some of which were ahead of their time

19)  ... for looking mental, pushing the boundaries or, in some cases, were just ahead of their time.

20)  ... she got her creativity from both of her parents. "They were always ahead of their time," she says.