and something to spare

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition -

"and something to spare"

with more than is needed;

a surplus


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition -

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Are you going to have that report finished on time?

Colleague 2: No problem, and time to spare.

Colleague 1: When will you have it done?

Colleague 2: By the end of today.

Colleague 1: That's great. That's two days early.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition -

A couple are talking ...

Husband: How are our finances looking this month?

Wife: Really good. I've paid all the bills and deposited the budgeted amount into the savings account. We have reached our budget goal and five hundred dollars to spare.

Husband: Maybe we could use the left over money to take a little weekend getaway?

Wife: Good idea. I'll start looking at booking a nice bed and breakfast.

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and something to spare - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   425   click for frequency by country

and something to spare - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for and something to spare.

and something to spare - Examples:

1)  ... can make it hard to always be in a good mood and have energy to spare.

2)  I have no trouble in my blender and had room to spare. I found using the blender was LESS messy all contained in one container with ...

3)  ... so you're not stuck with costly repairs and no cash to spare.

4)  ... have a firm feel, offer consistent, fade-free performance, and have power to spare

5)  Saturn V could've done it in four (five tops and with room to spare).

6)  Phoenix was a civilized city with abundant sunshine and recreational pleasures to spare.

7)  ... open platform such as Twitter; a bit of common sense and five minutes to spare, and it's easy to spot odd accounts and suspicious tweets. 

8)  I walked the Camino last September and with time to spare before returning home walked to the coast.

9)  ... new hospital fit on the Mater campus? Yes - and with room to spare! Architectural studies have shown that the site ceded to the children's hospital between ...

10)  ... princess and part classic bombshell, with innocence, strength, and comedic talent to spare, Barbara finally lets Jeannie out of her bottle to tell her whole story.

11)  And with the money to spare, you could sign up with one of the many tour operators that arrange trekking trips.

12)  That's primary, secondary and universities combined. And 10 billion to spare. You could more than double the education budget if we didn't have to ...

13)  ... late afternoon ferry back to Kos for the final time and a morning to spare, over dinner, we made plans to visit the neighbouring islet of Telendos.

14)  I can rent out my property which pays for the mortgage and a bit to spare, the property value will gradually increase.

15)  Macarthur had no gift for personal relationships and few resources to spare for friendship.

16)  ... and got past Australia by seven wickets and 44 balls to spare to win the trophy. 

17)  Bangladesh defeated South Africa and one ball to spare.

18)  ... and the bike is going well so make Armadale and 40 mins to spare. Time for a proper coffee and cake in Castle Cafe before the ferry.

19)  ... the bridge and lowered it across the gap. It reached and two feet to spare on either side but Robert was unconvinced of its strength.

20)  We made it back and two days to spare before classes started again.