and then some

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - cut class

"and then some"

and even more;

more than has been mentioned


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - and then some

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Did you prepare the fifty graphic images I asked for?

Colleague 2: Those and then some.

Colleague 1: How many have you got ready?

Colleague 2: Sixty-two.

Colleague 1: Great job exceeding expectations.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - and then some

Two grandmothers are talking ...

Grandmother 1: Did your grandson do all the chores you asked him to do?

Grandmother 2: And then some. He not only cut the grass, cleaned the gutters and oiled the hinges on the front door, he cleaned the garage and swept the steps.

Grandmother 1: What a lovely grandson you have. It was so nice of him to do more than he was asked.

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and then some - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,619   click for frequency by country

and then some - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for and then some.

and then some - Examples:

1)  World War Three will consume all the commodities the world can produce, and then some.

2)  Durant has come through so far this season, and then some. Not only has he assumed Harden's play-making abilities with career highs in ...

3)  The final product hits all the key points and then some; it's bold and contemporary, which aligns with their strong presence in ...

4)  When well done, the reader gets what he or she is looking for and then some. When poorly done we get some stale jokes, old stories and an ...

5)  Once you realize that the military fulfills all your needs and then some, the next step is to contact a recruiter.

6)  The money I spent working with Ruben was worth every penny and then some! He treats every client with respect and gives his undivided attention ...

7)  Everything the dot-com boom delivered has been taken away -- and then some. Real wages are falling, wealth continues to shift from younger to older ...

8)  He never balanced his checkbook and spent every cent and then some. I would have to deposit my paychecks into his account just to keep ...

9)  ... love and support my husband and his career and duties as a Marine 100% and then some. I love the Corps and what it stands for.

10)  Unfortunately, he is as big a fool as she is and then some. Maybe worse, he's a bold face liar.

11)  ... bit thicker to fit a massive batter that can easily last all day... and then some

12)  ... the other more recent lists, and I have everything on that first list and then some. It's just magic.

13)  Benjie can print all he wants and then some, eventually, while he is still at it, it will all collapse.

14)  So unchill. Well, the jerks got their comeuppance and then some when Carrie used her powers to burn down the school.

15)  it would be different if there weren't those who crossed the line and then some, time after time, thus disrespecting the military uniform and what it stands for.

16)  The Face of Deception is a page-turner and then some. Eve's a fascinating, extremely intelligent character; ...

17)  I was doing pretty much whatever she asked me to do, and then some. She told me I was amazing, but I didn't know ...

18)  But he adjusted. He also walked again, and then some: He played goalie on the soccer teams of Erasmus Hall High School and ...

19)  This is evidenced by the full recoveries, and then some, of macro debt service ratios of all types.

20)  not been able to play for a full week! I tried everything suggested and then some! I even did a complete wipe!