to ante up

Idiom Definition 1

Idiom Definition - ante up

"to ante up"

to bet a predetermined amount of money before a round of poker or similar card game begins


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - ante up

"to ante up"

to pay what is due;

to contribute;

to do one's share


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - ante up

Some friends are playing poker ...

Friend 1:  Come and play some poker with us.

Friend 2:  I don't know how.

Friend 1:  We'll teach you.

Friend 2:  OK.

Friend 1:  First you have to decide to ante up before each hand is dealt.

Friend 2Ante up?

Friend 1Ante up is to put a certain amount of money on the table as your initial bet.  In essence, you are paying to play each hand.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - ante up

Some friends have just finished a meal at a restaurant ...

Friend 1:  OK. Time to pay for the meal. Everybody ante up.

Friend 2:  Here's my share, twelve dollars.

Friend 3:  And here's mine, nine-fifty.

to ante up - Usage:


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to ante up - Gerund Form:

Anteing up ensures that you are included in that hand of poker.

Anteing up your fare share for the restaurant bill is polite.

to ante up - Examples:

1)  ... games based on TV shows? Surely the budgets are there? I'd certainly ante up for a quality video game based on the likes of CSI, NCIS or ...

2)  ... the business section of the major dailies or a quick twitter search for brand will ante up plenty of examples.

3)  ... paying (never mind a fair share) any share of what we poor sods ante up.

4)  ... are looking for specialised skills that require a whole degree? Come on, ante up their names and their jobs.

5)  ... more than $5 billion from stock income, meaning that Americans have had to ante up billions of dollars in taxes which would otherwise have been revenue on this income.

6)  ... partnership agreement are likely to be quite general and state only that each partner must ante up a capital contribution in an amount and at such a time as shall be ...

7)  B.C.'s human-rights apparatus doesn't work like that: Plaintiffs don't need to ante up, and the state does the heavy lifting in regards to litigation and investigation ...

8)  The article doesn't state, so how much is he asking the community to ante up for this stadium?

9)  Those that couldn't ante up were banned from the club until their account was cleared. 

10)  ... the ante in a poker game. Before you begin playing, you have to ante up your quarter or dollar. But this only lets you play the game.

11)  Shell has claimed another four leases by agreeing to ante up $31.8 million, the industry regulator said.

12)  We just asked our season ticket holders to ante up for next year and I'd say two-thirds of them paid in the first ...

13)  I really hope this is just posturing to get Nike to ante up more cash to secure a new deal.

14)  ... the sources wouldn't ante up specifics but we're told it was Selena who pulled the plug.

15)  ... take part in a card game such as poker, my friend would have to ante up. He would have to pay a small amount of money at the beginning ...

16)  ... but aspirants are allowed to visit once as guests before deciding whether to ante up the annual dues.

17)  Some people will lose a big hand like that and have the sack to ante up again.

18)  ... laws and are signatory to rights of the child treaties, so Parliament must now ante up the money for infant education.

19)  If you want to be the first, you'll have to ante up.

20)  Nevertheless, some states claim that the 10 percent that they would have to ante up after 2020 is more than they can afford.