to ask for the moon

Idiom Definition

to ask for the moon

"to ask for the moon"

to make an unreasonable demand or request


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Idiom Scenario 1

to ask for the moon

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I am going to ask the boss for a fifty percent raise.

Colleague 2: Don't you think you are asking for the moon?

Colleague 1: Yes. It is a totally unreasonable and absurd ask but when we settle on a ten percent raise, the ten percent will seem very reasonable in comparison.

Idiom Scenario 2

to ask for the moon

A couple are talking ...

Wife: It is a simply request. All I am asking is that you put your dirty laundry in the clothes hamper instead of just leaving them lying on the floor. Am I asking for the moon?

Husband: No. That is a very reasonable request. I will do my utmost best to comply.

Wife: Thank you.

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to ask for the moon - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   63   click for frequency by country

to ask for the moon - Gerund Form:

Asking for the moon, the negotiator started with completely absurd terms.

to ask for the moon - Examples:

1) The jest brought a smile to cracked lips. He might as well have asked for the moon. The only dry things aboard the boats were swollen mouths and ...

2) ... as reasonable as to be classified delusional. I understand the old tactic of ask for the moon but now that the internet provides a public outing of such ...

3) Clearly Ricciardi asked for the moon for the best pitcher in baseball.

4) Because the only way to negotiate is to ask for the moon as your starting point.

5) I don't think I am asking for the moon, just wanting to see an appropriately qualified specialist.

6) USD 10 billion is little less, but you can keep asking for the moon, there is no end to it.

7) So to expect an unbiased account of that tumultuous year (1967) is like asking for the moon.

8) ... to conjure up a playground where there is none today is asking for the moon.

9) ... and expecting them to learn a top heavy syllabus that isn't evenly spread is asking for the moon.

10) So anyone demanding that kind of 'happiness' would be asking for the moon or more.

11) Why don't you ask for the moon? You'd have better luck.

12) ... are busy in making ends meet, expecting the population to learn Arabic is like asking for the moon.

13) Nobody goes into negotiations asking for only what they actually want, they ask for the moon on a stick and negotiate down.

14) ... water to take a pill, please don't look at me like I've asked for the moon. Not all of your passengers are comfortable flying which is why ...

15) "The economy is slowly recovering," he said. " Nobody asked for the moon. But we are slowly getting back some of what we gave ... "

16) ... that pulled back on their deal in place and is asking for the moon in return to carry the channel.

17) ... to not work anymore, unless I have favorable work conditions (I'm not asking for the Moon; I just want job security, better insurance than none, ...

18) Apple is smart enough to know that asking for the moon without a legal basis wouldn't do any good.

19) Jays have every right to ask for the moon, but they won't get it from the Yankees.

20)  To plead for complete uniformity may be to ask for the moon.