(to be) at death's door

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - at death's door

"(to be) at death's door"

to be near to death;

to be very ill or dying


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - at death's door

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I heard you've been volunteering in a famine zone.

Friend 2:  Ya, it was really terrible.  First war and then a drought ravishes the region.  I saw people who were literally starving to death. We would find them when they were almost dead.

Friend 1:  Must have been awful to have to deal with so many people at death's door.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - at death's door

Two cousins are talking on the telephone ...

Cousin 1:  You'd better book the next flight home.

Cousin 2:  OK. What's going on?

Cousin 1: The cancer finally caught up with Grandma. She's at death's door. She'll probably die within a day or two.

Cousin 2:  I'll catch the very next flight.

(to be) at death's door - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   138   click for frequency by country

(to be) at death's door - Gerund Form:

Being at death's door, there was really nothing the doctors could do.

(to be) at death's door - Examples:

1)  ... pestilence are at hand. Thousands of Jews are suffering intensely and at death 's door. They must be succored.

2)  What if they're at death 's door and are desperately trying something different as a last resort?

3)  All of us -- except those at death 's door -- have an ability to travel forward in time.

4)  ... solid years caring for my dying mom and dad and another friend at death 's door. It's what I do.

5)  ... who agree to receive Baptism when they are at death 's door.

6)  Someone shouldn't be at death 's door before someone steps in to help them.

7)  ... was picked up on the streets of New York. He was at death 's door and was taken to a hospital. He asked for a clergyman and ...

8)  ... Grandmother on the other side of the country who is at death 's door.

9)  The 32 year old, chronic anorexic is at death 's door and has signed a living will asserting her right to refuse to be kept alive ...

10)  If he was able to ride for two hours he wasn't at death 's door and would need treatment to his wounds.

11)  My eldest brother was very weak, and almost at death 's door, and my mother went to the Breens, and begged a small piece of

12)  My eldest brother was very weak, and almost at death 's door, and my mother went to the Breens, and begged a small piece of ...

13)  Here's a guy who essentially was at death 's door with cancer and came back.

14)  ... without whom the organisation would have ended up at death 's door even sooner.

15)  ... and her relatives are informed, but since she has been at death 's door several times before, they decide not to come immediately.

16)  You can't go through that pressure of being at death 's door pretty much all day, every day and not be affected.

17)  ... wearing a bizarre outfit and so frail he appears to be at death 's door.

18)  ... emergency surgery if you need it, but if you're not at death 's door then they'll wait for their daytime colleagues.

19)  I knew I was at death 's door.' Having a vision of her funeral, she cried out ...

20)  Unfortunately it did not and for a long time she was at death 's door, surviving on kidney dialysis three times a week.