(to be) at loggerheads

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - at loggerheads

"(to be) at loggerheads"

to disagree strongly and be unable to reach a consensus, often with an element of hostility


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - at loggerheads

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I'm afraid that the boss and I have come to an impasse.

Colleague 2:  What are you disagreeing about?

Colleague 1:  The implementation of the new quality control procedures.

Colleague 2:  Well, it's not good to be at loggerheads with the boss. You need to find a way to compromise and move forward.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - at loggerheads

A couple have been arguing for days ...

Wife:  I really think that we should take our vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

Husband:  I disagree as I have been disagreeing for the last week. Puerto Vallarta is too hot this time of year. I would really like to go to France.

Wife:  I don't like French food at all. I want to go to Puerto Vallarta.

Husband:  I'm not going to Puerto Vallarta.

Wife:  Then I guess we are at loggerheads over the choice of vacation destination and will continue to argue.

(to be) at loggerheads - Usage:


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(to be) at loggerheads - Gerund Form:

Being at loggerheads with his neighbor over their common fence, the two neighbors went to court.

(to be) at loggerheads - Examples:

1)  The IMF and the European Union are at loggerheads over the way to tackle Greek debt, ...

2)  The Shiite regime in Tehran is at loggerheads with most of the mainly Sunni Muslim governments of the Arab world.

3)  While the British and the Americans were still at loggerheads over exchange of nuclear information, there was a display of impatience which erupted in ...

4)  Dr. Day has been at loggerheads with the province for years and has been threatened with fines for extra-billing patients.

5)  With a brief interruption for World War Two, Canadians and Russians were at loggerheads, damn near violently, for 70 years, a whole lifespan.

6)  But it's no secret that Francis and Gaudet have been at loggerheads -- from the corporation's priorities to where its office should be.

7)  ... against the Christian churches on a second battleground -- the Prime Minister is already at loggerheads with both Anglican and Roman Catholic churches over same-sex marriage.

8)  ... comes to energy and climate change, we are likely to one again be at loggerheads over the UK's desire to exploit its vast shale gas reserves, ...

9)  But I appreciate you and I are ideologically at loggerheads - we'll never agree, I'm sure.

10)  Contemporary design appears to be at loggerheads between continuing in this tradition and breaking with it through big and brash statements.

11)  The Short family had been at loggerheads with rival families for more than 10 years.

12)  Apparently, the server team and the mobile team were at loggerheads as to how to deliver content to mobile.

13)  ... by negotiation rather than strike action.' # Workers and the company are at loggerheads over pay, conditions and a modernisation regime that will involve thousands of jobs cuts ...

14)  She and Cromwell are said to be at loggerheads for some reason, maybe a quarrel over the monasteries.

15)  Even if you are at loggerheads over every other issue, try to leave the children out of any point-scoring.

16)  ... that our capitalist economy, with its emphasis on continuous robust growth, is at loggerheads with the environment.

17)  The two parties appear to be as much at loggerheads over how to proceed as ever.

18)  Moscow and Washington have been at loggerheads over how to resolve the Syrian crisis, ...

19)  Fidelity along with monogamy have been hammered home as virtues whereas it is at loggerheads with reality.

20)  Tulisa and Kelly were at loggerheads over Misha B and Gary constantly rowed with Louis Walsh over his joke acts.