at sixes and sevens

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - at sixes and sevens

"at sixes and sevens"

to be in a state of confusion, disorder or disorganization


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - at sixes and sevens

An airport customer service representative and customer are talking ...

Representative:  Sir, you seem to be a little confused. May I help?

Customer:  Thank you, yes, I am a little at sixes and sevens.  I had my little dog shipped as cargo.  Where can I pick him up?

Representative:  Your dog can be recovered at the baggage claim area.  Just follow the sign to the far left.

Customer:  Thank you.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - at sixes and sevens

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Need some help?

Colleague 2:  I have just got so much work to do. I can't seem to get a handle on it all.

Colleague 1:  Your desk does seem a little at sixes and sevens. Perhaps, getting your desk organized is a good start.

at sixes and sevens - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   69   click for frequency by country

at sixes and sevens - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for at sixes and sevens.

at sixes and sevens - Examples:

1)  With Liverpool's defence at sixes and sevens, he finds Torres, whose curler from the left is pushed out ...

2)  The message is that, if we're at sixes and sevens over commemorating the first event, imagine how useless we're going to ...

3)  ... absolutely the wrong type of snow and has air traffic controllers and airport operators at sixes and sevens not knowing whether to stick or twist on the cancellations wheel.

4)  The nervous City stopper was at sixes and sevens from the resulting corner but steeled himself sufficiently to deny ...

5)  A very poor performance. Samba Diakite is at sixes and sevens at the moment. Needed to be tamed to cut out the silly ...

6)  Captained by Joseph Yobo, the defence looked at sixes and sevens as the Black Stars dominated the opening period.

7)  Excited and anxious, they kept pacing to and fro and were all at sixes and sevens about what to do.

8)  Tucked in here and there, at sixes and sevens, are the scarlet and blue of several suits of cast-off theatrical wardrobe ...

9)  The Gaelic League wants a bit of energetic organisation as it is at sixes and sevens and you are just the man to get them together again.

10)  Economists -- who love to pretend to deal in absolutes -- are at sixes and sevens over what the fiscal pact entails, what its long-run implications will be ...

11)  You can understand why the record industry is so often at sixes and sevens about how to progress in the midst of such often conflicting data.

12)  If something is all at sixes and sevens, then there is a lot of disagreement and confusion about what should ...

13)  ... that it has shown its hand; it is lost, confused, at sixes and sevens and does not know where it stands.

14)  ... approximation of its principles and ideals, in a nation that has always acted at sixes and sevens with its Constitution, ...

15)  If something is all at sixes and sevens then it is in a mess, topsy turvy or somewhat haywire!

16)  And of course when we're completely disorganized, we're at sixes and sevens!

17)  Well, since I am on the fence, at sixes and sevens, I've decided to wait and see what happens, ...

18)  ... for your work on the poll question. I have to confess I'm at sixes and sevens, not about Phoebe's involvement, but to what degree she's ...

19)  ... don't seem to work/invoke with the default Ubuntu terminal. I feel a little at sixes and sevens using it as obviously I've grown up on menu based computers.

20)  ... a non-confidence vote in the president was a masterstroke, which has left the ANC at sixes and sevens. With two contradictory messages emerging from the ANC in as many days ...