at your fingertips

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Idiom Definition - at your fingertips

"at your fingertips"

easily or immediately available


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - at your fingertips

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I can never find just the data I need when I need it.

Colleague 2:  Perhaps a better organizational system would help?

Colleague 1:  Is that what you have?  You are always quick to access what you need.

Colleague 2:  Sure.  I use a method where I keep all the most relevant data easily accessible so that when I need it, it's at my fingertips.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - at your fingertips

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How's your cooking class going?

Friend 2:  Really well, thanks. I'm learning a lot. The instructor told us that one of the most important aspects of cooking is to be well prepared. That way, when you need something quickly during the cooking process it is at your fingertips.

Friend 1:  Makes sense to have what you need in the moment easily accessible.

at your fingertips - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,304   click for frequency by country

at your fingertips - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for at your fingertips.

at your fingertips - Examples:

1)  As a smoker, you have a small gold mine, literally at your fingertips. Cigarettes are costing you a small fortune!

2)  With advanced sensor technology, high ISO settings are now at your fingertips and they let you work much more effectively in low light and high speed situations ...

3)  With this guide on hand you have all the information you need at your fingertips so you can confidently use your camera on-the-go. 

4)  ... cabins are small but perfectly formed, smartly designed so that everything is at your fingertips, simple and easy to use.

5)  There's lots of help and advice available literally at your fingertips.

6)  Then they will have a whole world of information and knowledge at their fingertips!

7)  ... can simply swipe a patient's insurance card and have pertinent billing information at their fingertips.

8)  ... as several billion Earthlings suddenly have nearly all human knowledge at their fingertips.

9)  And good business can become great with the right information at their fingertips.

10)  ... can provide local governments with a virtually paperless environment where source documents are at their fingertips at a fraction of the cost of manual systems.

11)  ... discovered a technology that allows us to get whatever intellectual property we want at our fingertips without paying anyone for it, and it's fun and it's easy, ...

12)  The mandate must be to harness technology we have at our fingertips to solve the problems of the world.

13)  However, even with this vast amount of information at our fingertips, maintaining a relationship over distance is still not that easy.

14)  Stefano gave us a very warm welcome and we had everything we needed at our fingertips.

15)  The trouble isn't that we have too much information at our fingertips, but that our tools for managing it are still in their infancy.

16)  There is such a wealth of data at my fingertips that I can use to develop new course content for the next 10 years.

17)  I only have one to three contacts using it but have 10,000 songs at my fingertips.

18)  With a lack of wine transporting solutions at my fingertips, I wasn't about to risk wrapping a Bordeaux in my newly-purchased sweater and ...

19)  I give these examples as illustrations, I have many more examples at my fingertips.

20)  I have food and modern conveniences like an electric kettle and a fridge at my fingertips