(to be) at your wit's end

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - at your wit's end

"(to be) at your wit's end"

to be so ​worried, ​confused, or ​annoyed that you do not ​know what to do next


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - at your wit's end

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  The boss and I have been at loggerheads over the correct quality control procedures for days now.

Colleague 2:  Have you tried reasoning with her?

Colleague 1:  Yes.

Colleague 2:  Have you prepared figures in black and white to justify your position?

Colleague 1:  Yes.

Colleague 2:  Have you asked the boss why she believes her ideas are correct?

Colleague 1:  Yes.  She just says that she knows.

Colleague 2:  Then I am at my wit's end as to how you will resolve this dilemma.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - at your wit's end

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  You look tired.

Friend 2:  I haven't had a good night's sleep since a new tenant moved into the apartment above mine a week ago. They are so noisy all night.

Friend 1:  Have you asked them to be quiet?

Friend 2:  I have thumped on the ceiling with a broom handle. I've left notes under their door. I've even talked to them about it. Nothing has worked and I am getting desperate.

Friend 1:  I suppose that if you are at your wit's end that you could complain to the apartment manager.

(to be) at your wit's end - Usage:


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(to be) at your wit's end - Gerund Form:

Being at your wit's end, you decided to get some help.

(to be) at your wit's end - Examples:

1)  ... get this to work for the last two days and I'm honestly at my wit 's end. If you could help me out I would certainly appreciate it.

2)  For God's sake, give me some advice, for I am at my wit 's end.

3)  I can assure you that I am very far from being at my wit 's end, and that I am confident we shall find some solution.

4)  I need your help. I'm at my wit 's end with what to do with my unruly house plants.

5)  He had just had a temper tantrum in class. I was at my wit 's end with his behaviour and his effect upon others.

6)  ... to expect improvement and relief but who remained desperate and sometimes frantic or at their wit 's end in the face of their persistent distress.

7)  ... problems that are so serious they're prepared to admit that they are at their wit 's end

8)  ... but find themselves desperate, at their wit 's end, just waiting for a phone call.

9)  I can understand that you are at your wit 's end, but don't let the understandable frustration or upset drain your battery ...

10)  ... to the toddler stage. There will be times when you will be at your wit 's end trying to keep him disciplined without being too harsh.

11)  ... need of desperate help, we are searching for you. Are you at your wit 's end?

12)  Walken is a good cop, an honest cop, but he's at his wit 's end with the drudgery, corruption, and the inhumanity of it all.

13)  ... waited so long to get the parties together. Perhaps he is also at his wit 's end to decide on the next step!

14)  ... having a hard exterior that no one could penetrate. But he was at his wit 's end and he needed to talk to someone and Lawson was right there and ...

15)  A woman in her thirties, desperate and exhausted, seems to be at her wit 's end: she's all alone, two children for her to take care ...

16)  ... it appears that the prof is at her wit 's end and was searching for a way to fix the problem.

17)  And yet two weeks ago she was at her wit 's end trying to figure out what was going on with her dog.

18)  Cathy was at her wit 's end and thought maybe a puppy would help.

19)  Cole's mom is at her wit 's end with what to do about her son's increasing problems.

20)  She did not know what she was going to do. Finally, at her wit 's end, she swallowed her pride and asked her father for money ...