(to be) back in the saddle

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - back in the saddle

"(to be) back in the saddle"

doing something that you stopped doing for a period of time


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - back in the saddle

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Welcome back.

Colleague 2:  Thanks. I wasn't sure I would ever return to work but with the advances in modern medicine, after six months of treatment, here I am.

Colleague 1:  It must feel good to be back in the saddle.

Colleague 2:  Believe it or not, I missed working. It was a little boring sitting around the house all day with nothing but doctor's visits to look forward to.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - back in the saddle

Two teachers are talking ...

Teacher 1:  I can't believe it is September already. Are you ready to get back in the saddle again?

Teacher 2:  I'm not sure if I am ready for another school year but here we are.

Teacher 1:  Well, let's get to our classrooms and start preparing.

(to be) back in the saddle - Usage:


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(to be) back in the saddle - Gerund Form:

Being back in the saddle after a two-month hiatus felt good.

(to be) back in the saddle - Examples:

1)  And Republicans will be back in the saddle after taking control of the state Senate in the November elections.

2)  Days after her two-year old bike was stolen the youngster was back in the saddle after choosing a " new " two-wheeler from several available through the Community Bike Recycling ...

3)  ... had an enforced rest last season and was eager to get back in the saddle.

4)  ... and I hope it is not too long before I am back in the saddle.

5)  ... had four or five years off and was only six months back in the saddle.

6)  It will not be long, though, before she is back in the saddle, back trying to inspire the next generation.

7)  ... was sworn in on Tuesday and said she is thrilled to be back in the saddle.

8)  He came out of retirement last week to get back in the saddle and win the.

9)  After a bit of time away one can't get back in the saddle without noting ...

10)  By the time she got back in the saddle, she was in 25th place.

11)  ... is that first week back in the saddle an adjustment after three weeks of blissful summertime leisure.

12)  ... out of court to become a free agent. He's finally back in the saddle tonight in a 10-round super lightweight fight against ...

13)  This is absolutely critical. Enright was back in the saddle in less than three weeks after receiving therapy.

14)  It was good to get back in the saddle again and I did better than I expected so it's all good. 

15)  Tyler is back in the saddle in Vancouver again, performing at the Orpheum Theatre on ...

16)  But being an unrepentant optimist, Eno got back in the saddle and gave love another chance. Before long, she found affection in the arms ...

17)  ... has yet to get back in the saddle. It has been a year and I still feel the apprehension, ...

18)  With most of their stars now back in the saddle, it simply wasn't good enough for a side that has become more accustomed ...

19)  ... towards what you might have least expected: the desire to get back in the saddle and do it all over again.

20)  ... we all do the very best we can to help workers get back in the saddle and contribute meaningfully to their workplace as soon as they can.