back to basics

Idiom Definition 1

Idiom Definition - back to basics

"back to basics"

to return to basic instruction, start the learning process over again


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Idiom Definition  2

Idiom Definition - back to basics

"back to basics"

to return to fundamental principles


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - back to basics

Two teachers are talking ...

Teacher 1:  How is the new school year going for you?

Teacher 2:  Not so well. I started my class on basic algebra only to discover that most of the students were still having difficulty with basic fractions.

Teacher 1:  What are you going to do?

Teacher 2:  There is no choice but to go back to basics.

Teacher 1:  Which means that you will have to re-teach fractions from the beginning?

Teacher 2:  It looks that way.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - back to basics

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  The company seems to have over-extended itself in recent years. We are becoming involved with ventures that are far from our basic operations and our profits are falling as a result.

Colleague 2:  What is the solution?

Colleague 1:  Get back to basics. This company was founded on three core principles: honesty, frugality and preparedness. We need to return to those principles.

Colleague 2:  That will require some major changes and restructuring.

back to basics - Usage:


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back to basics - Gerund Form:

Going back to basics is often the best way to solve a difficult problem.

back to basics - Examples:

1)  ... realigning it to resonate with wider cultural trends. We always recommend going back to basics and working hard to get the story right.

2)  Sometimes it makes sense just to get back to basics, focus on what works and let the rest follow. 

3)  This campaign is simple -- reminding staff to go back to basics and introduce themselves to patients properly.

4)  ... said it is back to basics and that drink-driving, speeding and mobile phone use remained the main killer behaviours on ...

5)  ... we have to re-educate the children. We have to go back to basics.

6)  ... overconsumption, people are now looking to strip away the excess and go back to basics.

7)  We need to go back to basics, reading to children at night, because it's an invaluable bonding experience and ...

8)  The pullback in the private market this year has forced startups to get back to basics with a greater focus on sustainable growth, controlling operating expenses and generating positive cash flow.

9)  ... era as a kind of soft reboot for the show, taking it back to basics after years of continuity that some more casual viewers have derided as confusing. 

10)  We have gone back to basics and focused on working hard.

11)  No gadgets, no technology - it's all about getting back to basics and taking time to recharge.

12)  Instead, in the coming year the marketer wants to get back to basics and establish exactly what it is the brand stands for and how it should be ...

13)  Indeed, currently, many people want to go back to basics and use natural materials.

14)  We have to go back to basics with human rights education, asking people what they think of when they hear the ...

15)  ... we have to go back to basics and find out exactly what is happening because what has been presented is very complex.

16)  ... and went back to basics, producing an uncomplicated pure folk album based on Cara's deep Irish roots.

17)  And he believes the team needs to go back to basics, remember how to defend first before putting emphasis on attack.

18)  ... so use this time to get back to basics, and give thanks properly, by embracing the art of the thank you note.

19)  ... have to do in this kind of situation is go back to basics; don't try to be too clever. 

20)  The bedroom was stripped back to basics, so it primarily just accommodates the bed.