to be back to square one

Idiom Definition

"to be back at square one"

to start again from the beginning;

to be back at the beginning

Idiom Definition - back to square one


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - back to square one

Susan has been using her computer to work on a big project for the last two hours when suddenly her computer turns off.   Susan had forgotten to save her work.  When Susan restarts her computer, she discovers that all her work is gone. 

Susan is back at square one.

Susan needs to begin her project again from the beginning.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - back to square one

Jillian's father, Scott, has just finished assembling a doll house for his daughter's birthday.  There are pieces left over and the doll house is crooked and keeps falling over.  The doors and windows are not operating correctly.  After studying the situation and the instructions, Scott decides that he needs to take the doll house apart completely and...

go back to square one.

to be back at square one - Usage:


to be back at square one - Gerund Form:

Being back at square one can be a frustrating experience.

Going back to square one can often be the only way to solve a problem.

to be back at square one - Examples:

1)  I am back at square one when I start again.

2)  You are back at square one when when you are back at the beginning.

3)  He is back at square one if he must begin again.

4)  She is back to square one when there is no other solution.

5)  The government is back to square one.

6)  We are back to square one when we need to change our strategy.

7)  You (all) are back at square one when you (all) start over.

8)  They are back to square one when a problem appears to have no solution.

9)  If you get no such response, back to square one, continue your search.

10)  We have to go back to square one and realize that a "War On Terror" is a fool's mission.

11)  Let's go back to square one and consider the basic principles behind any successful business. 

12)  I am so tired of going back to square one to learn how to open my recently used Word document.

13)  Everything is in such disarray, that you need to get back to square one.

14)  And suddenly you're right back to square one, in the exact same situation you were to begin with.

15)  I'm at a point where I'm going back to square one to teach myself the basics again so I can get a better result.

16) We are back to square one. No one really knows what to expect tomorrow. 

17)  We are back to square one and specific browser builds will be the reference used in specifications and contracts.

18)  A good teacher will take you back to square one, help you center yourself, help you reset what you have learned thus far.

19) When the placebo effect wears off, you are back to square one

20)  It brings us right back down to zero -- -- back to square one.