back-up plan

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - back-up plan

"back-up plan"

an alternative option that is ready should the primary option not work


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - back-up plan

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I'm in big trouble. I just discovered that the video isn't going to work for my presentation.

Colleague 2:  Use your Plan B.

Colleague 1:  Unfortunately I didn't make any other plan and now the presentation is in an hour.

Colleague 2:  Sorry to hear that but without a back-up plan, you are going to have to think of something quickly, like a series of still images perhaps.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - back-up plan

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Bill and Trudy's wedding sure was a disaster, wasn't it?

Friend 2:  It was a beautiful outdoor wedding until it started to rain.

Friend 1:  And all the guests had nowhere to go.  They just hopped in their cars and went home.

Friend 2:  It's really sad that there hadn't been a back-up plan, maybe some tents or something.

back-up plan - Usage:


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back-up plan - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for back-up plan.

back-up plan - Examples:

1)  Always have a back-up plan. No matter how well prepared you are for your computer-integrated lessons, unanticipated ...

2)  Your back-up plan should include provisions for making even the most minor of adjustments ...

3)  Children should have a family code word and an emergency back-up plan. The plan should not hinge on a cell phone contact though it can ...

4)  ... your course and find yourself in a semester that you HATE... you need a back-up plan so you don't go spiraling out of control.

5)  ... to do if you didn't sell the house right away? What was your back-up plan??? Had you ever thought about just renting it out?

6)  The finance ministry on Monday indicated that the government was preparing a back-up plan in case of failure of monsoon as it has already impacted crop sowing in ...

7)  Going back to your former position may not be an option. Have a back-up plan in place and be prepared to start a new job search.

8)  Andy, who's going to run out of ammo? The knives are a back-up plan.

9)  I say go for it, but make a back-up plan because you never know where life will take you!

10)  If it doesn't work out you should have a back-up plan ready to implement.

11)  ... point that it could rainfall on your wedding day. Be practical where you can back-up plan just in case it down pours.

12)  The toughest thing about being a mom is knowing there is no back-up plan.

13)  ... in remission for years. Even if it comes back, you often have a back-up plan that can cure them the second time around ...

14)  ... son or daughter to aim for their goals, but help them work out a back-up plan and consider alternative courses or occupations they might also enjoy.

15)  If you are really reluctant, go, be fabulous and have a back-up plan to escape the moment coffee is served. Even if that Plan B is ...

16)  Have a back-up plan in case you wifi or computer goes down. Is there an internet cafe ...

17)  Parents, especially if single, need a back-up plan to protect their earnings. Contract workers and the self-employed need to ensure their ...

18)  I had no back-up plan because I was so sure my Plan A would work out.

19)  This way, if your negotiations fail, you still have a back-up plan to bargain with.

20)  ... stuff, so I'd also like to be a builder. That's my back-up plan. I want to go to college, to study sports.