to balance the books

Idiom Definition

"to balance the books"

to make the debits match the credits in a set of accounting books thereby providing balanced books

Idiom Definition - balance the books


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - balance the books

Month end is approaching quickly. Dan the accountant has a lot of work to do ...

Sam:   Hey Dan! How are those books coming along? Month end is Monday.

Dan:  I'm working on them but there are a few problems with accounts payable.

Sam:   Well, you need to get those books balanced or we can't close the month.

Dan:   Absolutely! I will make the necessary adjustments and the books will be balanced on time.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - balance the books

Sarah has just stopped at Tim's house. Tim is working at his home office desk. The desk is covered with papers.

Sarah:   What are you doing?

Tim:   I got my bank statement yesterday so I am trying to balance my cheque book.

Sarah:  Looks like a lot of work.

Tim:   It should be easy but I forgot to record a couple of cheques and I'm missing some receipts.

Sarah:   I'll make some coffee and see if I can help you balance your books.

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"to balance the books"

Sunday Fun Idiom - balance the books

to balance the books - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   831   click for frequency by country

to balance the books - Gerund Form:

Balancing the books can provide a sense of relief.

to balance the books - Examples:

1)  I balance the books for every month end.

2)  You balance the books for the boss.

3)  He balances his cheque book every month.

4)  She balances the books every quarter.

5)  The government balances its books every quarter.

6)  We balance the books when we beat a rival team that is one game ahead of us in the standings.

7)  You (all) balance the books when you (all) get revenge.

8)  They balance the books when they feel that an injustice has been done.

9)  No use pretending that finding savings huge enough on their own to balance the books again is merely a matter of will.

10)  The Harper government said it may have to push back its plan to balance the books until 2016-2017. 

11)  The government's current goal is to balance the books by 2015.

12)  I don't really have a problem with busting the unions to balance the books.

13)  That helps to balance the books.

14)  The fallacy is in the belief that you can balance the books by eliminating tax breaks for the rich.

15)  They face the daily challenges of unpredictable weather, vegetable devouring insects and balancing the books.

16)  Reorganizing our life as Baptists and balancing the books will count for nothing unless we are set on fire by the Holy Spirit.

17)  Balancing the books is not even a new idea. Moses knew it.

18)  We have always balanced the books.

19)  It means that the coalition parties can not go to the polls claiming to have balanced the books

20)  Our creditors are going to demand that the government balanced the books and this day may come much sooner than anyone thinks.