someone's bark is worse than their bite

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - someone's bark is worse than their bite

"someone's bark is worse than their bite"

someone is not as unpleasant or mean as they seem and their actions are not as bad as their threats


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - someone's bark is worse than their bite

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  The boss sure is scary. I'm always afraid to go and ask her questions.

Colleague 2:  Don't worry.  Her bark is worse than her bite.

Colleague 1:  I don't understand.

Colleague 2:  The boss may seem rough and loud and mean but really she is quite helpful, kind and wise after her initial outbursts.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - someone's bark is worse than their bite

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Hello. Welcome. Come on in.

Friend 2:  I'm afraid of your dogs.

Friend 1Their bark is worse than their bite.

Friend 2:  I would rather not be bitten.

Friend 1:  My dogs just like to bark. They have never bitten anyone. In fact, they are very playful and gentle.

someone's bark is worse than their bite - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   25   click for frequency by country

someone's bark is worse than their bite - Gerund Form:

Having a bark that is worse than your bite can instill fear in your employees.

someone's bark is worse than their bite - Examples:

1)  He shouts, he always has he always will. His bark is worse than his bite, basically he is louder than he means to be.

2)  ... even towards people who they are familiar with. The excuse of "his bark is worse than his bite" is always irritating- how is someone supposed to know ...

3)  ... an easy-going person, though I am inclined to lose my temper sometimes. My bark is worse than my bite and I am a simple person.

4)  ... monster I'm made out to be, yet it's also not true my bark is worse than my bite. It's not. My bite is very ...

5)  ... people if their work isn't done, but I'm sure my bark is worse than my bite. After all it's my job to get people ...

6)  I think she's an overgrown brat that talks crap because she can. Her bark is much worse than her bite. She's never been really disciplined by ...

7)  The Demon King makes a lot of noise and talks a big game, but overall this guy's bark is worse than his bite if you're prepared for it, and you ...

8)  The New City woman claims her dog is harmless and that his loud bark is worse than his bite. Because he doesn't.

9)  A dog's bark is always worse than his bite." The mailman said, "Well, then, for goodness' sake, don't let him bark! He just bit me!"

10)  The description also cautions people not to worry, as “its bark is worse than its bite,” which may be a reference to Donald Trump's frequent ...

11)  ... there's little doubt that The Bronze is going to become a sunny-side-up tale of redemption. Hope's bark is obviously worse than her bite, and ...

12)  “She doesn't like to show it much, but I see it. You know deep down her bark is worse than her bite.” 

13)  Full of sage wisdom and fresh one-liners (“My bark is worse than my bite!”) she's always down to chill with you and your animal friends or be a ...

14)  As far as the nation is concerned, their bark is worse than their bite — and their bark is made artificially out-sized by an effective propaganda ...

15)  It's only my opinion, but his bark is worse than his bite. If you look carefully at what he says compared to other politicians, it seems very direct, ...

16)  China's bark is usually worse than its bite. Their statements on foreign policy are often really intended for consumption by domestic audiences, ...

17)  And as a result, he also has one volume: loud. We'd say his bark is much worse than his bite, but Patterson doesn't even have a bite because ...

18)  She threatens to throw the teddy bear away but here's a secret... he still has the bear and Kate admits that her bark is worse than her bite.

19)  She may be small but she can pack a verbal punch – though I suspect her bark is worse than her bite.

20)  The “S&M” singer's bark is much worse than her bite, and she's a lot more sensitive than she likes to let on.