to be man enough

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - man enough

"to be man enough"

to be sufficiently brave to do something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - man enough

Two friends are out downhill skiing ...

Friend 1:  Are you ready to try the expert run?

Friend 2:  I don't know.  It looks fairly dangerous.

Friend 1:  Are you not man enough?

Friend 2:  It's not about fear.   I just don't know if I ski well enough.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - man enough

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  What are we going to do about the error I found in the boss's report?

Colleague 2:  I think since you found the error that you should tell the boss.

Colleague 1:  No way. I don't want to confront the boss.

Colleague 2:  Aren't you man enough?

Colleague 1:  In this case, no, I'm way too intimidated by the boss.

to be man enough - Usage:


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to be man enough - Gerund Form:

Being man enough to confront your wife when there is an issue takes some courage.

to be man enough - Examples:

1)  At least Buddy Nix is man enough to (kind of) admit a mistake.

2)  ... resents him deeply for not having been strong enough, for not having been man enough to do what he needed to do.

3)  I was not man enough to face the truth back then.

4)  He just wasn't man enough to admit the feelings he had for her at the time.

5)  Stupid, stupid, stupid. Obama's just not man enough to name Hillary as VP.

6)  Oh no, Father is being defeated! If only I were man enough to say or do something!

7)  Look, I'm ALL FOR a groom being man enough to take his wife's name (although in a perfect world, everyone would ...

8)  You weren't even man enough to come up to the offices and confront me about Angela.

9)  I don't think he is shy as he was man enough to ask for my number, but might have something to do with the whole ...

10)  If you're man enough to dish it out you better be man enough to take it.

11)  I'm wondering if you are man enough to also apologize for an incorrect accusation?

12)  Is he able to be man enough and avoid putting himself and his family through an ordeal like this again.

13)  I'm not man enough for silk, frankly. Pink makes me uneasy.

14)  I can't think of anybody else who has been man enough to admit such a thing.

15)  He is not mature nor man enough to support you and your baby so the best thing to do would be to ...

16)  What a gutless coward. He's not even man enough to complain to the manager if there's a problem with the food or the ...

17)  You will see I am man enough to take everything on myself.

18)  He also needs to be man enough to accept when he has made mistakes and take responsibility.

19)  If he is man enough to cheat on his wife, he is man enough to live with the consequences.

20)  Talk about pathetic. Not even man enough to stand by your own words.