(to be) a bean counter

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"to be a bean counter"

to be an accountant

Idiom Definition - bean counter


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - bean counter

Stewart works in an office.  He sits at a desk and works on his computer.  He helps to keep track of the money and accounts for the company he works for. 

When someone asks Stewart what he does for a living, Stewart replies, "I am a bean counter."

Stewart is an accountant.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - bean counter

Miriam is talking to an acquaintance on the bus on her way home from work.  The acquaintance asks Miriam if she is on her way home from work.  Miriam replies that she is.  Her acquaintance asks Miriam what she does for a living.  Miriam replies that she is a bookkeeper.

"Oh, you are a bean counter," replies the acquaintance.

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"(to be) bean counter"

Sunday Fun Idiom - bean counter

to be a bean counter - Usage:


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to be a bean counter - Gerund Form:

Being a bean counter can be considered a boring job.

to be a bean counter - Examples:

1)  I am a bean counter if I am an accountant.

2)  You are a bean counter if you are a bookkeeper.

3)  He is a bean counter if he counts money.

4)  She is a bean counter if she maintains financial records.

5)  We are bean counters if we are accounting technicians.

6)  You (all) are bean counters if you (all) are auditors.

7)  They are bean counters if they manage money.

8)  Why would they surrender their hitherto sovereign power to the bean counters of Brussels? The answer is that markets leave them little choice.

9)  It just isn't seen as profitable to their bean counters.

10)  Given all the hubbub over the fiscal cliff, the government bean counters so kindly presented two contrasting views of the economy.

11)  One of the most important things to the bean counters is budget. 

12)  Those are the true death panels -- the bean counters in the insurance industry who make life and death decisions for the insured.

13)  On paper the bean counters think it saves them money. 

14)  After years of excess and anything goes, the bean counters and risk controllers now rule supreme in the banking world. 

15)  Looks like the top MBA programs need to start teaching these bean counters ethics as WELL as proper customer service.

16)  "A penny saved is a penny earned". The bean counters of the world who run companies large and small follow this religiously.

17)  When bean counters take over a company, innovation soon dies. 

18)  They are a measure of profits that keep the bean counters happy but don't mean much to equity investors.

19)  Bean counters also have accounting rules that must be followed.

20)  Too many bean counters is the problem with so much of our new society.