to bear down

Idiom Definition

"to bear down"

to pay special attention to; (Idiom Scenario 1 and Examples 1 to 14)

to be concentrated on (Idioms Scenario 2 and Examples 15 to 20)

Idiom Definition - to bear down


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to bear down

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:  Have you finished your term paper?

Student 2:  No and it's due next week.  I'm panicking about it.  I've barely even started to write it.

Student 1:  Then I guess it's time to bear down and write your paper.

Student 2:  I'll concentrate on it now.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to bear down

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How's it going with the new job and new wife and new house and a baby on the way?

Friend 2:  The pressure of it all is starting to affect me.

Friend 1:  Well, that is a lot of responsibility bearing down on you.

to bear down - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,086   click for frequency by country

to bear down - Gerund Form:

Bearing down on an important project means that you will work hard on it.

to bear down - Examples:

1)  If you're a newcomer submitting to top-drawer anthologies or magazines, you need to bear down, work hard, and get serious.

2)  When the weight of expectation starts to bear down on you, the writing can only suffer and become convoluted and over-written.

3)  The Oilers had better bear down and put together a winning streak themselves.

4)  Now in the home stretch of the season the Scarlet Knights will have to bear down for three very tough Big East games.

5)  And in the Midwest, look for the President to bear down on saving the auto industry.

6)  If you bear down and learn to program one step at a time, eventually you'll do it.

7)  I've got to bear down and start putting some more balls in play.

8)  He'll want to prove other teams wrong and hopefully grit his teeth and bear down to show them all their mistake.

9)  Time to bear down and hold on.

10)  If you really bear down, you will finish the task.

11)  There's a time for goofing around, and a time to bear down and get the job done.

12)  In retrospect, what finally got me to bear down and do it right was a matter of willpower.

13)  I hope it is academic and he just has to bear down on class a little more.

14)  It's time to bear down.

15)  Asteroids and meteors could appear from nowhere and bear down on Earth without mercy.

16)  Bus and train service in the city if the storm continues to bear down on the metropolitan region.

17)  By the end, however, his film begins to bear down on him.

18)  From the side, her burden seems to bear down upon her.

19)  But it does rather restrain the competitive forces that would normally bear down on costs.

20)  This will last until financial realities bear down so heavily they will have to find a way to compromise.