to beat the clock

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - beat the clock

"to beat the clock"

to do or finish something before a deadline


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - beat the clock

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  It is three o'clock and this report is due by the end of the day.

Colleague 2:  Don't worry. We will beat the clock.

Colleague 1:  Do you really think so?

Colleague 2:  If you quit talking and get back to work, yes, we will have the report ready before the deadline.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - beat the clock

A traveler is rushing to a departure gate in an airport ...

Traveler:  My flight arrived late and I was really worried that I would miss this connecting flight.

Airline agent:  It is OK sir. I have just announced the last boarding call.

Traveler:  Oh, good. I beat the clock.

to beat the clock - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   101   click for frequency by country

to beat the clock - Gerund Form:

Beating the clock, the student handed in his paper three minutes before the deadline.

to beat the clock - Examples:

1)  ... attitude about what it means to be late and implementing easy tricks to beat the clock. Here's how always-prompt people stay on schedule.

2)  ... to open into Sunday evening would help customers avoid a weekly rush to beat the clock at the end of the weekend. 

3)  The issue has surfaced as many customers rush to redeem their points to beat the clock

4)  ... drivers opted to save tyres for the race rather than attempt to beat the clock.

5)  The only question was if he beat the clock. Replay confirmed the goal, ...

6)  ... game designers from all areas of game creation huddle together and work to beat the clock and come out with a product.

7)  ... so why did we still spend hours slaving away trying to beat the clock?

8)  We're always trying to beat the clock at the end of the season as the weather cools down.

9)  ... because the startup is in a race to beat the clock, trying to create a product or service and establish a market before the money ...

10)  And who hasn't tried to beat the clock by running across the street before that countdown runs out?

11)  ... figured out how to beat the clock just a little, wringing a few more productive minutes out of days already packed ...

12)  ... the grey-faced parents you can sometimes see on the early-morning run trying to beat the clock as they lead half-asleep children into city-centre creches. 

13)  Christmas rush. If you're a last-minute shopper, you might not beat the clock if you want to dazzle someone with a gift from ...

14)  ... pickup orders, and process returns and exchanges. If they can't beat the clock, customers will get a $5 gift card.

15)  ... lifestyle was changed dramatically right before my eyes: waking up early to beat the clock, ...

16)  I found myself eating to beat the clock, standing over the sink and stuffing whole hard-boiled eggs into my mouth.

17)  ... determined to beat the clock and prevent the feared disaster damage.

18)  ... began a desperate race against time to beat the clock. Negotiators from both camps left Ewood Park unsure of whether they had succeeded.

19)  ... with little time to spare, irate about traffic because I needed to beat the clock.

20)  Relief teams, meanwhile, are flooding into Haiti to try to beat the clock and rescue as many victims still buried under rubble as possible.