to beat the traffic

Idiom Definition

"to beat the traffic"

to leave somewhere earlier than others in order to avoid the traffic at the peak times of the day

Idiom Definition - to beat the traffic


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to beat the traffic

A husband and wife are talking very early one morning ...

Wife:  Why are you getting up so early?

Husband:  I have a big day at work today and I want to get there early.

Wife:  And?

Husband:  I want to leave early and beat the traffic and save myself twenty minutes of driving. If I can manage to leave work a little early, I'll beat the traffic coming home as well.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to beat the traffic

Two businessmen are talking ...

Businessman 1:  What happened to your car?

Businessman 2:  It's in the garage at home.

Businessman 1:  You're not driving any more?

Businessman 2:  Not during the week. There is just too much traffic. I am using public transit and beating the traffic. I get home thirty minutes earlier than usual.

Businessman 1:  That's great! Maybe I'll try it.

to beat the traffic - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   107   click for frequency by country

to beat the traffic - Gerund Form:

Beating the traffic can save a lot of time.

to beat the traffic - Examples:

1)  One way to beat the traffic is to go by air!

2)  Like any stadium crowd, they started to think about how they were going to beat the traffic.

3) It was always about where to park and how to beat the traffic

4) Leave five minutes before time to beat the traffic

5)  I decided for us to leave to beat the traffic.

6)  The best way to beat the traffic of course is to stay and enjoy the post-match fun.

7)  Will they be wanting to rush off to beat the traffic?

8) You must make like the local roadies and get up early to beat the traffic

9) Some people want to beat the traffic and might be in a rush. 

10)  He rented a house in Wimbledon and he used to cycle in every day to beat the traffic

11)  Workers and students who want to beat the traffic are compelled to wake up very early to set off.

12)  Your only option is to take a one-way side road to beat the traffic

13)  Personally I don't or wouldn't skip through the car park to beat the traffic but it is the most frustrating thing about the whole system.

14)  Some Kerry fans had seen enough, and left early to beat the traffic.

15)  Beat the traffic and drive to work at ease.

16)  If we go early we should beat the traffic

17) Do you stay at work later than you should just to beat the traffic

18)  Lets go, we will never beat the traffic at this rate.

19)  A lot of motorists use this side road as a means to beat the traffic.

20)  People going on about leaving home at 5am to beat the traffic; your dedication to your jobs is truly commendable.