to beat yourself up

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - beat yourself up

"to beat yourself up"

to berate or reproach yourself because you have made a mistake, missed an opportunity or otherwise done something stupid


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - beat yourself up

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Have you heard that Stewart got promoted? He advanced this really good idea that would save the company ten percent in raw materials and management rewarded him with a promotion.

Colleague 2:  That was my idea! I was just too timid to say anything.

Colleague 1:  I bet you are beating yourself up now?

Colleague 2:  I am so stupid and weak. What a loser I am.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - beat yourself up

A couple are talking ...

Wife:  What are you doing home? Shouldn't you be driving to work right now? Aren't you going to be late?

Husband:  Yes. I am going to be very late. I forgot to check the weather forecast and the temperature went down to minus thirty degrees last night and I didn't plug the car in and now it won't start and I have to phone a tow truck for a service call. I am such an lazy idiot.

Wife:  Don't beat yourself up too much. It was an honest mistake.

to beat yourself up - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,677   click for frequency by country

to beat yourself up - Gerund Form:

Beating yourself up for an honest mistake is not good for your self-esteem.

to beat yourself up - Examples:

1)  Have you ever left an interview beating yourself up about one of the questions because you felt you either didn't answer appropriately?

2)  ... has tonnes of fantastic festivals and you'll be beating yourself up if you don't check out at least one during your trip.

3)  I know that at times you must be beating yourself up for selling out when seeing how the share has continued to rise. 

4)  You'll just beat yourself up for it after a couple of years when Google no longer supports the apps.

5)  You'd be beating yourself up if you don't explore your options while you're young. 

6)  ... you have moments where you beat yourself up and think, "I should have had that operation," or ...

7)  After a few days of beating yourself up for procrastinating, you do go for a run. Felt great!

8)  You file your income-tax returns at the very last moment, beating yourself up for not doing it on time and promising yourself that you'll be better ...

9)  If you hesitate and sterling slides you're left beating yourself up over your losses.

10)  ... and who are probably still beating themselves up for blowing that last game in November.

11)  Everybody in the room beat themselves up for not knowing the answer.

12)  What I usually deal with is the parent who is beating themselves up, saying, 'If I had just done this three months ago, ...

13)  Those who stayed away definitely won't be beating themselves up. It was no classic even by pre-season standards.

14)  ... is going to be beating himself up, most likely, for not doing a bit more in the middle rounds.

15)  In his moment of weakness he confessed. He's beating himself up. He has realised that if he had kept silent he would be continuing ...

16)  He's still beating himself up for not figuring it out earlier.

17)  It happens to the best of us I suppose, but I'm beating myself up for not sticking to the plan.

18)  It was so comfortable that I am beating myself up that we didn't even exchange names.

19)  As a fan, I spent rain delays using my program as an umbrella, beating myself up for not checking the weather before I went to Fenway.

20)  I stood there frozen, up to my eyeballs in my ignorance and innocence, beating myself up thinking that I should have taken the time to read more about this game.