beats me

Idiom Definition

"beats me"

an expression used to tell your listener that you do not know the answer;

"I don't know"

Idiom Definition - beats me


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - beats me

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Have you heard about Sean? 

Friend 2: No, what happened? 

Friend 1: He quit school.

Friend 2:  That doesn't make any sense.  Sean was doing really well. He had high grades and was involved with clubs and sports. Why did he quit?

Friend 1:  Beats me! 

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - beats me

Two friends are talking at a party...

Friend 1:  Where's Susan?  She told me that she really wanted to come to this party.

Friend 2: Beats me!

beats me - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   649   click for frequency by country

beats me - Gerund Form:

Using the term "beats me" lets the listener know that you don't know the answer.

beats me - Examples:

1)  How anybody of minimal intelligence could have believed such a thing beats me.

2)  So what's the big fuss? Beats me!

3)  How one so 'bright' can be so dim-witted at the same time beats me.

4)  I'm beginning to think he doesn't trust me. Why? Beats me, I've never done anything to make him think otherwise.

5)  What happens when we no longer require most people for most productivity? Beats me!

6)  How do you please a father? Beats me! Most of us assemble minor father figures and please them instead.

7)  Beats me why you want to criticize publishers for innovating.

8)  Did their initial design test poorly so they had to redo from scratch? Beats me.

9)  Why it doesn't come in that orientation by default beats me.

10)  So what were the Democrats voting for, or favoring? Beats me.

11)  How can the interpretations of the same statute be so radically different?  Beats me.

12)  So maybe your Antivirus software was interfering?  Beats me why it would prevent Print To Go form installing!

13)  All these people who have claimed to have done similar things is what beats me.

14)  How people can leave this out beats me, but many do, and inevitably suffer for it.

15)  Why the BBC didn't do something about it years ago beats me.

16)  The fad for bottled water beats me, too.

17)  What's it mean?  Beats me, she said.

18)  Beats me what anyone sees in this repulsive and nasty piece of work.

19)  Beats me. I'm not a journalist, I have no experience of that.

20)  Why the memorial is outside the Methodist's church beats me -- the church wasn't even there in Wycliffe's days.