bed of roses

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - bed of roses

"bed of roses"

a luxurious situation;

an easy life;

a highly agreeable position;

an ​easy and ​happy ​existence


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - bed of roses

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Have you heard that Ben finally got that dream job he always wanted?

Colleague 2:  I did hear. It seems that Ben will be living an agreeable and happy existence.

Colleague 1:  I say good for him to live in a bed of roses.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - bed of roses

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How's married life?

Friend 2:  Everyone always said that marriage would make life happier and easier.

Friend 1:  But?

Friend 2:  Marriage is not the bed of roses that everyone tells you it is. It's stressful and takes a lot of work.

bed of roses - Usage:


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bed of roses - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for bed of roses.

bed of roses - Examples:

1)  It's true, life in early Acadia was not all a bed of roses. There were difficult times and life was hard work, but over all, ...

2)  Sure, things aren't always a bed of roses. We scream and fight like everyone else, but we also really love each ...

3)  "... it will be difficult at first but eventually life will be a bed of roses" approach. 

4)  Like I said no marriage is perfect, marriage isn't a bed of roses or a honeymoon romance. It's experience, developing of love.

5)  Working at ITN wasn't always a bed of roses. I can remember fights and disagreements, strikes and setbacks.

6)  Farming is not a bed of roses -- it is tough.

7)  A career won't be always a bed of roses. You have disappointment.

8)  Get rid of stress and life would be a bed of roses, right? Wrong. Some stress is essential to our survival and happiness.

9)  It ain't always a bed of roses and it's hard damned work, but it's worth it.

10)  Life isn't, of course, a bed of roses, especially given my recent separation from my husband.

11)  It was refreshing to read that Swayze's life was not a bed of roses, even though at times is sure seemed like it to the public. 

12)  ... in a co-housing community in Colorado. While it's not all a bed of roses, the benefits of actually knowing and caring about your neighbors far outweigh the negatives ...

13)  ... lived a lot of places and it hasn't always been a bed of roses. I think you can find happiness no matter where you are.

14)  That said, using the Surface as a laptop is not a bed of roses. The switching back and forth from the Metro interface to the desktop of old ...

15)  It wasn't all a bed of roses; for the next six months it was extremely hard.

16)  ... there are some nice tropical places, but it's not all a bed of roses! Don't forget to factor in tropical diseases, malaria, intense rain storms ...

17)  Marriage is not all bed of roses, as most of the people tend to think, it comes with responsibilities and ...

18)  ... while senior administrators sit on their hands and pretend the world is a bed of roses.

19)  ... their parents living in the long-houses of Borneo where life isn't a bed of roses there. Parents sacrifice and work very hard to ensure their children get to go ...

20)  Life compared with pre-war days seemed a bed of roses. Then tragedy struck. The mill caught fire and burned down.