to beg to differ

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - beg to differ

"to beg to differ"

to politely disagree


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - beg to differ

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I really believe that the X4 model is the best fit for this office.

Colleague 2:  I beg to differ. The X3 model is a far better fit.

Colleague 1:  I thought you might have changed your mind after I sent that information regarding the X4.

Colleague 2:  I have not changed my mind. Have you?

Colleague 1:  No.

Colleague 2:  Well, arguing endlessly about this is becoming counter-productive. Let's agree to disagree, let our managers make the decision, and we'll move on to more pressing issues.

Colleague 1:  Agreed.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - beg to differ

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I was reading an article that said there could be some negative effects from a long-term vegetable-only diet.

Friend 2:  I am sure that Sean would beg to differ.

Friend 1:  Why is that?

Friend 2:  Sean has been on a vegan diet for more than twenty years and he is extremely healthy with no problems whatsoever.

to beg to differ - Usage:


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to beg to differ - Gerund Form:

Begging to differ but I don't quite see it the way you do.

to beg to differ - Examples:

1)  ... not the rule, in America's school libraries, and I vehemently beg to differ. Frankly, I was offended by the article and felt it completely ignored and ...

2)  ... Free Market system is the best and most moral system around. I beg to differ. I'm not a socialist or a communist but capitalism is not the lesser ...

3)  ... often you nail it on the head, but in this case I beg to differ. Sometimes our gut instinct is not correct.

4)  I love the thought of doing and creating, but I beg to differ with what Mr. Kirsch said at the beginning that Apple has stifled this ability with ...

5)  Well, I beg to differ with their evil designs and perverted thinking.

6)  Attention and affection from someone new always feels good? I beg to differ with you.

7)  ... generation must be centralized and concentrated in large scale utility installations. I beg to differ.

8)  ... saying that the jobs would be only in the construction field, I beg to differ with you. When a pipeline construction company moves into an area to start ...

9)  ... think that this was just a slip of the tongue, But I beg to differ. He's doing this for control and manipulation. 

10)  ... are you really suggesting that blasphemy should be a crime? I beg to differ with you on that.

11)  ... show 1 in 4 children are overweight or obese, Sarah, reality begs to differ. I'll trust reality, if the measuring system is geared to produce fat ...

12)  Many physicists argue that time is an illusion. Lee Smolin begs to differ. (...) Smolin wishes to hold on to the reality of time.

13)  ... article in The Economist on how to rise through the ranks at work begs to differ - it argues that the ambitious should master the art of flattery: ...

14)  ... series goes from strength to strength. There will doubtless be someone who begs to differ, ...

15)  Anyone who begs to differ becomes an outsider and likely to be sidelined or ostracised. 

16)  He said that Ram would not serve much longer; I begged to differ on that too, and again, I am better informed.

17)  But the other geologists on the tour begged to differ and the company drilled another project to the south.

18)  ...other pilot's input cause you concern. Boeing has always begged to differ, persisting with conventional controls on its fly-by-wire aircraft, ...

19)  Nevertheless, Peugeot begged to differ and came up with the 3008 Hybrid4 last year, ...

20)  ... that the masses were 'too backward' for such sophistication. He begged to differ