(to be) behind the eight ball

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - behind the eight ball

"(to be) behind the eight ball"

to be in a difficult, disadvantageous, or uncomfortable situation


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - behind the eight ball

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I promised the boss I would have this proposal ready by tomorrow morning. The trouble is that there are simply not enough hours to have it ready in time.

Colleague 2:  I guess you are behind the eight ball, then. You had better think of some way to get out of this difficult situation.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - behind the eight ball

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How did Sylvia do skydiving over the weekend?

Friend 2:  She showed some amazing courage and composure when she was behind the eight ball.

Friend 1:  Why? What happened?

Friend 2:  On her fourth jump, her main parachute failed. She was in a real tough siutation. But luckily, she kept her cool and remembered to open her reserve chute.

(to be) behind the eight ball - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   103   click for frequency by country

(to be) behind the eight ball - Gerund Form:

Being behind the eight ball is not pleasant.

(to be) behind the eight ball - Examples:

1)  If you can't move prices you end up behind the eight ball.

2)  For those who like stereotypes, Fiona Maxwell is behind the eight ball. She is set up to fail in the environment the group finds itself ...

3)  ... is so reactive rather than proactive that we will always be behind the eight ball when it comes to dealing with crime.

4)  ... is not only frustrating but an obvious indication that we are so behind the eight ball that quite possibly we have already lost the fight.

5)  The Coalition play the race card every time they are behind the eight ball

6)  ... government is clearly behind the eight ball in providing the necessary regulatory environment and ensuring a proper reward/compensation structure.

7)  My view is, your kind of behind the eight ball until your able to get some type of wireless function with the PC.

8)  This then further compounds their misery and so it puts them further behind the eight ball.

9)  Most of his people are behind the eight ball and need help.

10)  Australian universities have long been behind the eight ball in the computer science department.

11)  ... different coming into this event in third place and you know I'm behind the eight ball, ...

12)  ... is behind the eight ball and he is the one being forced to play "catch-up".

13)  He's slow out of the barriers and then he's behind the eight ball.

14)  A 20 odd year old from Queensland was even further behind the eight ball -- the education level here was way behind the southern states.

15)  Bailey started life behind the eight ball and by the time he was 2 years old he had suffered more trauma ...

16)  ... been injured a little bit and I think that's put him behind the eight ball a little this year.

17)  The fact the project may already be behind the eight ball in terms of projected time lines is not something that is sitting well with council.

18)  We were behind the eight ball right from Day One, but we persevered and we survived. 

19)  I think things could be a lot worse and we could be farther behind the eight ball than we are.

20)  ... inability to test and get a feel for a car really puts people behind the eight ball.