(to be) behind the times

Idiom Definition

"to be behind the times"

to be old-fashioned;

to not be current with modern fashion, ideas or methods

Idiom Definition - behind the times


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - behind the times

Frank is wearing a suit.  The suit is clean.  The suit fits Frank well.  Frank looks good in the suit.  The only problem is that the suit belonged to Frank's grandfather. 

Frank's suit is a little behind the times.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - behind the times

Bob is writing a letter to a friend using a typewriter.  His black and white television is on in the background.  Bob does not own a computer.  As Bob is writing his letter, Bob's black rotary dial telephone rings.  It is Bob's friend.  Bob's friend tells Bob that he tried to telephone the previous evening but there was no answer, not even an answering machine.  Bob tells his friend that he had been out for a walk.  Bob's friend asks Bob why he does not have a cellphone. 

Bob replies, "I guess I am a little behind the times."

to be behind the times - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   652   click for frequency by country

to be behind the times - Gerund Form:

Being behind the times might mean that you do not own a cellphone.

to be behind the times - Examples:

1)  I am behind the times because I do not own a computer.

2)  You are behind the times if you think the world is flat.

3)  He is behind the times if he does not use a cellphone.

4)  She is behind the times if she drives an old car.

5)  That cellphone is behind the times because it is the size of a book.

6)  We are behind the times because we prefer clothes from the 80's.

7)  You (all) are behind the times if you do not "Twitter".

8)  They are behind the times if they do not send text messages.

9)  I found the book interesting but clearly way behind the times in what is being done with EPUB in the Open Source community.

10)  I'm way behind the times as far as being anywhere computer savvy.

11)  The church was against condoms until 2010. # Yeah they're behind the times by a lot. 73% of Catholic women use contraceptives.

12)  Ron Paul is so behind the times. A lot has changed since 1960.

13)  I think they are behind the times in New York. They are rapidly turning provincial on the museum level.

14)  Who wants to feel slow, clumsy, behind the times? Feeling useless coincides with feeling powerless.

15)  Not 3D printing but small scale fast production units. Retail buyers are behind the times. They are mesmerised by the China price.

16)  Today's textbook is dog-eared and seven years old and behind the times.

17)  Nokia's mapping app called Here could make Apple's own Maps look behind the times.

18)  You are falling behind the times and you will have to make SINCERE efforts to catch up.

19)  Not only are some of the items woefully behind the times -- Who doesn't have an e-mail address these days?

20)  The newspapers are way behind the times.