to bet the farm

Idiom Definition

"to bet the farm"

to be so sure of the outcome that you are willing to risk everything

Idiom Definition - to bet the farm


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to bet the farm

Two students are talking about an upcoming final exam ...

Student 1: Are you worried about the exam?

Student 2: Not at all.  I've studied really hard for the exam and I'm totally prepared.

Student 1: Aren't you worried that this professor always has the most difficult exams?

Student 2: No! I'm willing to bet the farm that I'll get an excellent grade.

Student 1: You're pretty sure of yourself.

Student 2: Yes, I am!

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to bet the farm

Two friends are talking about the weather forecast ...

Friend 1: Do you think it will rain during tomorrow's baseball game?

Friend 2: It always rains for the Teacher-Student exhibition game.

Friend 1: Have you checked the forecast?

Friend 2: The forecast says that a system is moving in and that rain is very likely.

Friend 1: If you are willing to bet the farm on it raining tomorrow, then let's buy one hundred umbrellas and make some money.

Friend 2: Absolutely!

to bet the farm - Usage:


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to bet the farm - Gerund Form:

Betting the farm could be considered a huge risk.

to bet the farm - Examples:

1)  I would bet the farm that people are making money from social media already.

2)  I would bet the farm that this little get rich quick scheme will fizzle as fast as every other one.

3)  If history is a guide (and it is), then you can bet the farm that monetary inflation ALWAYS results in price inflation down the road.

4)  And I wouldn't bet the farm on Jefferson or Andy Jackson, either.

5)  Israel particularly and the rest of the world would be crazy to bet the farm that Iran's nukes would not be used against them.

6)  I support putting some government research money into it. But let's not bet the farm on it!

7)  The USAF and US Marine Corps have pretty much bet the farm on the F-35A and F-35B respectively.

8)  I wouldn't bet the farm on this one but I think it is certainly worth watching.

9)  In an election year, you can bet the farm that no one running will risk incurring the wrath of the NRA.

10)  That said, you can bet the farm that personal pride is a huge factor in the AFL.

11)  Now, instead they bet the farm and in a few years we will all be sharecroppers.

12)  If renewables can help, that's great, but I wouldn't bet the farm based on the evidence so far.

13)  Will the GOP rise to the occasion, or bet the farm on carbon, and ask our grandkids to deal with the mess?

14)  You can bet the farm that it will make and break candidates during this election cycle.

15)  I'd bet the farm that they absolutely played a part in this, also.

16)  Well, you can certainly tell which folks bet the farm on Flash and built their business around it.

17)  What I am saying is that I'll bet the farm that those with stronger degrees of introversion will score higher in quasi-autistic tendencies.

18)  At the same time, I sure wouldn't bet the farm against your position.

19)  A half-century or so ago Louisville, like so many American cities, bet the farm on cars and suburbia.

20)  Nothing will change at a regulatory level, on that you can bet the farm.