big cheese

Idiom Definition

"big cheese"

the most important or influential person, usually in an organization, business or government

Idiom Definition - big cheese


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - big cheese

Two employees are talking ...

Employee 1:  I can't believe the boss lady.

Employee 2:  Why? What happened?

Employee 1:  Well, you know, I keep coming up with all these great ideas to make the warehouse more efficient and when I take the ideas to the boss, she always discounts them.

Employee 2:  The boss is the big cheese after all.  She has the right to discard your ideas, no matter how good they are.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - big cheese

Two office workers are talking ...

Worker 1:  Why are you working so hard all the time?

Worker 2:  I want to advance in the company.  I want to get promoted.

Worker 1:  How high to you want to go?

Worker 1:  I'd like to be the CEO one day.

Worker 2:  So, you want to be the big cheese, huh?

Worker 1:  I do.

big cheese - Usage:


 Big cheese is not always complimentary and often has derisive undertones.

Usage Frequency Index:   177   click for frequency by country

big cheese - Gerund Form:

Being the big cheese comes with a lot of responsibility.

big cheese - Examples:

1)  If this owner is the' Big Cheese' of the team, then he should have to foot the bill right?

2)  That's right: you want to become the big cheese, the head honcho, el numero uno.

3)  The Big Apple is the big cheese when it comes to country music sales in the US.

4)  You can climb up the social ladder by dating the daughter of the town's big cheese.

5)  I once appealed to a big cheese from London to make it a bit easier for important business people with money to establish businesses.

6)  The big mayor of Olean fair, You're the big cheese on the scene.

7)  Who cares which company fronted by which big cheese is making money out of our emails and searches?

8)  Mario Draghi is not the only European Big Cheese in the spotlight today.

9)  Two politicians are locked in a bitter power struggle to determine who is the true big cheese.

10)  The scapegoat falls. The big cheese remains, for now.

11) I thought I was the big cheese in the student media field.

12)  They won't cough up the cash to EUROSEC big cheese Patrick Wymark to explore this great secret.

13)  She sees herself as the empress of success, the big cheese from Camden, a proper businesswoman.

14)  How many times does a' big cheese' take over a successful department, enterprise or organisation and make the mistake of reorganizing too quickly?

15)  What can you say about the big cheese? The man was the best thing I have ever seen in the air bar.

16)  Old timers tell me tales of how the LWCs were once the big cheese.

17)  Call over a floor manager and tell this person to go get the big cheese, THE MANAGER of your respective Jobcentre.

18)  But, as usual, it's the big cheese at the top with his cronies, cascading tiers of thugs and bag carriers keeping the status quo.

19)  Harry or grad students write the code and input the data, not the big cheese.

20)  As the big cheese in charge of spying and covert doings, this puts you in a tough spot.