(to be) a big spender

Idiom Definition

"to be a big spender"

to spend money in great quantities, in a very showy way, on entertainment or leisure pursuits

Idiom Definition - to be a big spender


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be a big spender

Michelle is a woman of means.  When she takes her friends out for a night on the town, she pays for everything.  Michelle takes her friends to expensive restaurants, to the theatre and ballet and to the most exclusive nightclubs.  Michelle always pays for everything.

Michelle is a big spender.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be a big spender

Victor and Bruce are out on a double date.  They have decided to take their dates to a local fast food restaurant.  After a frugal meal at the restaurant, the boys take their dates to a local park.

Victor and Bruce are the last of the big time spenders!

This is a sarcastic example of the use of this idiom because Victor and Bruce actually spent very little money.

to be a big spender - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   200   click for frequency by country

to be a big spender - Gerund Form:

Being a big spender can earn you false friends.

to be a big spender - Examples:

1)  I am a big spender when I buy drinks for everyone.

2)  You are a big spender when you buy a yacht.

3)  He is a big spender when he goes out on the town.

4)  Is she a big spender because she likes the attention?

5)  Are we big spenders when we go to expensive concerts?

6)  Are you (all) big spenders when you have a lot of money to spend?

7)  Are they big spenders when they take all their friends to the theatre?

8)  He was a big spender at the nightclub last  night.

9)  You had been a big spender until you went broke.

10)  You are going to be a big spender tomorrow when you buy three luxury cars.

11)  Bush labeled Gore a big spender. Who is against the concept of fiscal responsibility?

12)  Harper is not a fiscal conservative. He's a big spender.

13)  That was my budget. Shells and driftwood.  Big spender, huh?

14)  I tend to be not a big spender, not because I am cheap. In fact I am quite the opposite.

15)  If you're not a big spender, the best option is a no-fee cash back credit card.

16) He produced a model showing the potential income and spending patterns of both a Big Spender student and a Low Spender student during three years at university. 

17)  Jonathan Newman admits to being a big spender, but after amassing debt he is keen to work on changing his money habits.

18)  She could be a fiscal conservative and a big spender all at the same time.

19)  A spendthrift IS a big spender, someone who throws money around without discretion.

20)  No matter how you slice it, President Obama is a big spender. He promises to create more entitlements and spend even larger deficits.