bigger fish to fry

Idiom Definition

"bigger fish to fry"

something more important or more interesting to do

Idiom Definition - bigger fish to fry


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - bigger fish to fry

A husband and wife are talking ...

Wife:  I'm a little worried about what to serve for Saturday's dinner party.

Husband:  Is that really your biggest concern at this moment?

Wife: Well, it's really important to me.

Husband:  Don't you think we have bigger fish to fry?

Wife:  Like what?

Husband:  Like how we're going to survive when the company I work for goes out of business next month.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - bigger fish to fry

Two business partners are talking ...

Partner 1:  Do you think the new chairs in the meeting room should be black or brown?

Partner 2:  Seriously?

Partner 1:  It's an important decision.

Partner 2:  Do you not think that we have bigger fish to fry with a huge multi-national company moving into our business sector?

Partner 1:  I suppose that is a more important concern at the moment.

bigger fish to fry - Usage:


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bigger fish to fry - Gerund Form:

Having bigger fish to fry means that you had better turn your attention to something that is more important.

bigger fish to fry - Examples:

1)  The city's got bigger fish to fry than contributing to a region wide debate on transit building.

2)  There's bigger fish to fry, like trying to figure out how to reduce 16 trillion dollars in national debt.

3)  Microsoft has bigger fish to fry that the screen colors and the way that CSS places objects on a screen.

4)  Sometimes people who genuinely would like to lose weight have bigger fish to fry in more basic areas of life.

5)  I have bigger fish to fry most of the time, so I didn't think much more of it.

6)  There are bigger fish to fry, like getting the country back on track to prosperity. 

7)  Trust me, we've bigger fish to fry than mere international intrigue.

8)  I think Jesus has bigger fish to fry. Like starving children all over the world. Like hatred and racism and murderers.

9)  Watts also has bigger fish to fry than simply the importance of networks in everything under the sun.

10)  You've got bigger fish to fry than whether or not she has any genuine-real-american bloodlines. 

11)  Don't they have bigger fish to fry? Drugs, guns, gangs and cuts to fire and police budgets?

12)  Americans are going to have far bigger fish to fry at home soon enough, and Israel will largely be forgotten here. 

13)  They simply are not worth the time when there are bigger fish to fry

14)  There are still much bigger fish to fry here. Solidarity should be the first concern right now. 

15)  Fair enough, but I feel there are bigger fish to fry in terms of laws that have a detrimental effect on society, as well.

16)  I had bigger fish to fry in terms of trying to pay for not one - but two college tuitions.

17)  Can't believe the world doesn't have bigger fish to fry than this garbage with princess Dawson.

18)  The US government has much bigger fish to fry right now, like just keeping the lights on at home. 

19)  In the larger scheme of things, we have bigger fish to fry in this day and age. 

20)  In this election I think there are bigger fish to fry (no pun intended) than voters' confirmation biases and writers' occupational psychoses.