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a powerful, important or influential person

Idiom Definition - bigwig


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - bigwig

Two employees are talking ...

Employee 1:  I can't believe the boss lady.

Employee 2:  Why? What happened?

Employee 1:  Well, you know, I keep coming up with all these great ideas to make the warehouse more efficient and when I take the ideas to the boss, she always discounts them.

Employee 2:  The boss is a bigwig after all.  She has the right to discard your ideas, no matter how good they are.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - bigwig

Two office workers are talking ...

Worker 1:  Why are you working so hard all the time?

Worker 2:  I want to advance in the company.  I want to get promoted.

Worker 1:  How high to you want to go?

Worker 1:  I'd like to be the CEO one day.

Worker 2:  So, you want to be a bigwig, huh?

Worker 1:  I do.

bigwig - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   281   click for frequency by country

bigwig - Gerund Form:

Being a bigwig comes with a lot of responsibility.

bigwig - Examples:

1)  ... it is easier to convict a man who steals a goat in Nigeria than a bigwig who had stolen billions from government coffers.

2)  One mystery was hanging over from series two -- the identity of a crooked police bigwig mentioned by gangster Tommy Hunter when he threatened to inform on bent cops ...

3)  "It's not fresh," criticized another studio bigwig on Huntsman's promotion; it seemed all too similar to Snow White.

4)  ... to wine and dine clients and impress friends and family if you're a corporate bigwig, but you can't actually go into the clubhouse.

5)  ... is allegedly being financed by another political bigwig but whether that financial support will dwindle ...

6)  ... the prime minister, quite pointedly, that these two civilians A) saved the bigwig's life and B) wiped out his opposition.

7)  The Nigeria Summit continues Tuesday with other top industry bigwigs who are expected to deliver speeches at the event.

8)  According to a Bloomberg report, bigwig German automaker Mercedes-Benz has halted the use of robots at its Sindelfingen vehicle assembly plant ...

9)  Some of the bigwig tech companies have teamed up to form a new Internet of Things (IoT).

10)  ... be willing to accept money from Google's Larry Page. Any other hedge-funder or bigwig with pennies to spare would do, too.

11)  In a Friday announcement, bigwig US wireless carrier AT&T shared details about its planned 5G network road map for the year ...

12)  ... he then contrived to insult them, too, claiming the room was packed with bigwig money men. "That's all his donors and special interests out there, ...

13)  ... and also by hiring employees from other bigwig companies like Microsoft and Lytro.

14)  The United Automobile Workers, in its infancy, triumphed over industrial bigwig General Motors after a 1936 strike began an era of union labor.

15)  ... announced what it hopes will become the next big thing in bigwig tech: a passenger-ready drone that will fly you around the city at the touch ...

16)  As it so happened, her stepfather was former television bigwig, Peter Mukherjea.

17)  This week, Angelina Jolie is not the only bigwig in town. A delegation of 14 top executives from Kering, the world's ...

18)  He is not the first BOE bigwig to get in trouble for violating nepotism rules.

19)  How else would you know you are a bigwig if Ghafla! goes a day without mentioning your name?

20)  ... also British prime minister and a bigwig in the House of Lords until he retired in 1846.