bird's eye view

Idiom Definition 1

Idiom Definition - bird's eye view

"bird's eye view"

a good view of something from a high position


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - bird's eye view

"bird's eye view"

a complete understanding or overview


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - bird's eye view

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How was your trip to Sydney?

Friend 2:  Absolutely awesome.  We took a helicopter tour of the city and the vantage point was amazing.

Friend 1:  I guess you got a good bird's eye view of the harbor?

Friend 2:  Yes, a spectacular look from above.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - bird's eye view

Two accountants are talking ...

Accountant 1:  What have you been working on lately?

Accountant 2:  I'm not really sure. I've only been given a few cost centers to work with.

Accountant 1:  And how's that going?

Accountant 2:  Not very well. The boss is having me make a lot of corrections. I just don't understand what the requirements are.

Accountant 1:  Perhaps if the boss gave you the bird's eye view, you would understand how you could help.

Accountant 2:  Absolutely! The big picture would be a great addition.

bird's eye view - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   145   click for frequency by country

bird's eye view - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for bird's eye view.

bird's eye view - Examples:

1)  ... even standing on the roofs of the Sundial and Westin hotels, taking in a bird's eye view of the event.

2)  So humans visiting Toronto may like to get a bird's eye view of the city and surrounding area from the top of the CN Tower.

3)  One of which provides an overview of various screens and their links from a bird's eye view -- great for screen flow design.

4)  Tourists are naturally drawn to tall buildings where they can get a bird's eye view of a city.

5)  Starting at $65.83 seat, per game. Take in the game from the same bird's eye view as the general manager.

6)  I would add a trip to the Olympic Stadium for a bird's eye view of the city from the stadium tower.

7)  Photos and article summaries automatically show previews to give you a bird's eye view on what's happening.

8)  A nearby swinging pedestrian bridge provides a bird's eye view of the Big Horn River.

9)  The young people explored maps and aerial photos to create a bird's eye view of Brighton Marina, which they animated using paper cut out techniques.

10)  Shoot from Above. Taking a picture of a scene from a bird's eye view is one additional angle to consider when taking pictures of your latest ...

11)  Here's an excellent bird's eye view of the spin around government finances.

12)  I walked up the stairs to give you this bird's eye view.

13)  ... Marriott is spectacular, but with Niagara Helicopters you have the ability to get a bird's eye view.

14)  Rather, he was an archivist, a collector, a person who documented his bird's eye view of the world.

15)  ... head up to one of the roof cafes for a non-alcoholic drink and get a bird's eye view of the spectacle.

16)  For those who prefer their tourist attractions with the aid of a bird's eye view, during the summer months there's also the chance to fly ...

17)  ... editorial team joins forces with industry experts and local market heroes to balance a bird's eye view of global trends with the importance of local insight.

18)  The survey work Languages of the Himalayas provides a bird's eye view of Himalayan languages and language communities.

19)  The objectives of a turnaround from a bird's eye view, the key to creating wealth and achieving lasting prosperity for all ...

20)  Yesterday, the court heard how Mr Richards had a bird's eye view from a gym across the road from where the men were walking ...