to bite your tongue

Idiom Definition

"to bite your tongue"

to make a conscious effort to not say anything, usually for the sake of politeness or peace

Idiom Definition - to bite your tongue


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to bite your tongue

Ned's mother, Anna, is coming to visit Ned and Grace.   Usually, when Anna comes, Grace and Anna argue a lot.  This visit, Grace is determined that she will stay calm and not argue with her mother-in-law.  Grace is going to...

bite her tongue

when her mother-in-law tries to start an argument.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to bite your tongue

Sam loves to play soccer.  In fact, Sam plays for his local amateur soccer team.  They play ever Sunday afternoon.  One Sunday afternoon during a soccer match, the referee makes a very bad error in judgement and gives Sam a penalty that could make Sam's team lose the game.  Instead of arguing with the referee and possibly being removed from the game, Sam decides to...

bite his tongue

and suffer with the consequences.

to bite your tongue - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   726   click for frequency by country

to bite your tongue - Gerund Form:

Biting your tongue can sometimes be difficult.

to bite your tongue - Examples:

1)  I bite my tongue if I want to avoid an argument.

2)  You bite your tongue when you want to protect another person's feelings.

3)  He bites his tongue when his wife complains about him.

4)  She bites her tongue when she argues with her mother-in-law.

5)  We bite our tongues when the referee makes a bad decision.

6)  You (all) bite your tongues when you know you (all) are too angry to speak.

7)  They bite their tongues when the boss is wrong.

8)  I could barely contain myself in class; I really had to bite my tongue hard not to burst out laughing.

9)  I have to bite my tongue to stop from correcting them and creating a truly awkward moment.

10)  I've learned to bite my tongue through most of it.

11) Sometimes you have to bite your tongue, you know, for neighbourly conducts, or whatever. 

12) For better or for worse, sometimes it's just wiser to bite your tongue

13)  Eliminate verbal and/or physical force in all situations. # Bite your tongue!

14)  I am ashamed of you, Diane Abbott. Bite your tongue from now on and hold in that bitterness.

15)  The thought goes through your mind but common sense prevails. You just have to bite your tongue.

16)  I sat there biting my tongue because what I had built wasn't the full product.

17)  At this point I was biting my tongue, as what I wanted to do was confront her.

18)  I'm not good at biting my tongue because people are weak and can't handle it.

19)  The whole conversation I found myself again and again biting my tongue, trying to choose my battles appropriately. 

20)  I am constantly biting my tongue about money issues.