(to be) black or white

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - black or white

"(to be) black or white"

a very clear distinction with no complications;



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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - black or white

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Are you going to have that report ready for tomorrow?

Colleague 2:  If all goes well and the figures I need get to me, it seems likely.

Colleague 1:  Is that a yes or a no?

Colleague 2:  Do you need a black or white answer?

Colleague 1:  Yes.

Colleague 2:  I will make sure that you have the report on time.

Colleague 1:  Thank you.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - black or white

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Euthanasia for pets is either right or wrong.

Friend 2:  Do you really think it is that black or white?

Friend 1:  Yes.

Friend 2:  What if the owner just wants to get rid of their pet? What if there is no medical reason for euthanasia? Should the owner be denied?

Friend 1:  You said it. Owner. As in chattel. As in the owner can do what they like with their possessions.

(to be) black or white - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,504   click for frequency by country

(to be) black or white - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for black or white.

(to be) black or white - Examples:

1)  ... more and more frequently, everyone wants you to pick a side. Black or white. Red or blue. You're either with them or against.

2)  We could re-introduce the American Model where there is no red or blue or black or white -- just producers and non-producers.

3)  Simplicity reduced to that Yin-Yang: a cell is On or Off, black or white. But there is one more thing added here now: iteration.

4)  The world is black or white, good or evil -- none of this reality or shades of grey ...

5)  ... that they hate and fear subtlety. People want things to be simple: black or white, right or wrong, good or bad, left or right, ...

6)  Fundamentalist fanatics only see the world as black or white. There are no nuances of grey and there is no need for ...

7)  I respect that you follow what is black or white.. but not everyone's life is perfect and there are many people ...

8)  ... style makes you sound like a rambling lunatic who can only think in terms of black or white.

9)  Folks really want a black or white answer, but in my experience, it just doesn't work that ...

10)  It was a sure sign the key to life Isn't always in black or white. It's all in how you look at things I know it seems ...

11)  Life for her was either black or white there is less of grey which is how it usually is.

12)  There is no black or white for him -- there's just life.

13)  The process pushes towards black or white answers; it's less good with shades of gray.

14)  ... knowingly and willfully plotted and schemed, America's demise, claiming there is no black or white, like there is no bad or good to start over.

15)  We are blinded by our binary thinking, black or white, good or bad.

16)  Most comments I read here tend to a mere 'black or white' -view. In almost every occasion in history, a wide variety ...

17)  Nothing is ever black or white to me... I live in the shades between.

18)  The question of parent involvement in the completion of homework is often one of those black or white issues for teachers. 

19)  Creativity is all about navigating the grays. When we see things in black or white, we limit our options and bring on the fear of failure if ...

20)  Sorry dude, no black or white issue here, just several shades of grey.