to blow your lid

Idiom Definition

"to blow your lid"

to become so angry that you lose control and make a radical display of your anger

Idiom Definition - to blow your lid


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to blow your lid

Two friends are chatting ...

Friend 1:  I saw this guy in traffic this morning.

Friend 2:  Oh yeah.  What was he doing?

Friend 1:  He was so impatient.  He was driving erratically and far too fast when someone almost hit his car.  I thought he was going to blow his lid.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to blow your lid

Two coworkers are talking ...

Worker 1:  You know, I just showed that preliminary report to the boss.  I'd worked on it for a month.  I thought I put my best work into it.

Worker 2:  What happened? What did the boss say?

Worker 1:  He freaked out!  He blew his lid!

Worker 2:  He didn't like it?

Worker 1:  You could say that.

to blow your lid - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   244   click for frequency by country

to blow your lid - Gerund Form:

Blowing your lid may indicate that you have psychological issues to deal with.

to blow your lid - Examples:

1)  I blow my lid when I become very angry.

2)  You blow your lid when people do stupid things.

3)  He blows his lid regularly.

4)  She blows her lid when she misses the best shoe sales.

5)  We blow our lids when we lose games.

6)  You (all) blow your lids when you (all) lose control of your emotions.

7)  They blow their lids when they are very upset.

8)  Don't blow your lid -- keep calm,.

9)  There was no need to bottle it all up and blow your lid without warning.

10)  You can control your response to the traffic. Are you going to blow your lid or are you going to enjoy the traffic? 

11)  You are not a dynamic person simply because you blow your lid.

12) It's given me a chance to get angry and blow my lid and ruin my weekend. 

13)  There are times I just want to blow my lid.

14)  I'm hoping Nick S-B will one day be goaded into really blowing his lid and spilling everything!

15)  I wish someone could find a Youtube of Cramer blowing his lid in late 2008.

16) This guy risks the election by blowing his lid for absolutely no reason whatsoever. 

17)  Of course, the normally cool airbender nearly blows his lid.

18)  I'm guessing you are of the tingly legged Matthews variety liberal who blows his lid and stomps his feet when you don't get your way.

19)  I probably would have blown my lid and screamed. 

20)  I would have completely blown my lid when that 80-yarder to Amendola was negated by the illegal formation.