to blow your own trumpet

Idiom Definition

"to blow your own trumpet"

to brag or boast about your accomplishments or achievements

Idiom Definition - to blow your own trumpet


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to blow your own trumpet

Johnny's bedroom had been a disaster until he decided to grab the bull by the horns and clean it up.    There had been clothes and dirty dishes and papers everywhere.  Now, Johnny's room is spic and span.  It is clean as a whistle.  Everything is organized.  Johnny is feeling quite proud of himself for doing such a good job when his mother comes to his room.  Johnny's mother's eyes open wide with astonishment.  Johnny says...

"Not to blow my own trumpet but I sure did a good job in here."

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to blow your own trumpet

Gary is an athlete.  He is good looking with a fine physical form.  He competes in iron man competitions.  He has a great job and makes a lot of money.  Unfortunately, Gary is not shy to boast about his life and looks and accomplishments.

"Gary likes to blow his own trumpet."

to blow your own trumpet - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   292   click for frequency by country

to blow your own trumpet - Gerund Form:

Blowing your own trumpet can give the idea that you are arrogant.

to blow your own trumpet - Examples:

1)  I blow my own trumpet when I feel proud of my performance.

2)  You blow your own trumpet when you wish to draw attention to yourself.

3)  He blows his own trumpet when he finishes a difficult task.

4)  She blows her own trumpet because she is arrogant.

5)  We blow our own trumpets because we like to brag.

6)  You (all) blow your own trumpets when you (all) win the competitions.

7)  They blow their own trumpets as a way to advertise their products.

8)  I should be proud to blow my own trumpet -- if I don't honestly, will anyone else?

9)  I love to blow my own trumpet about it and I used to show off about it in front of my family.

10)  Without wishing to blow my own trumpet, I made a better one last weekend.

11)  I am quite attractive (without blowing my own trumpet).

12)  I don't like blowing my own trumpet but whenever I make appointments I keep them! 

13)  Sometimes it's important to sing your own song, to blow your own trumpet

14)  Do you like to blow your own trumpet?

15)  Since you are going to blow your own trumpet, it has to be done in discreet, subtle diplomatic and expert manner.

16) A person who has to blow his own trumpet lacks modesty and invites derision. 

17)  The scholar should never blow his own trumpet and make himself to be super human or special.

18)  Looks like you wouldn't need me as you're too busy blowing your own trumpet.

19) Tips include speaking words of affirmation, blowing your own trumpet, dressing the part, and using body language effectively. 

20)  He's blowing his own trumpet all day long and it absolutely gets on our nerves.